Objectivism and Sanction of the Victim

Artist Amanda McGregor Challenges Ayn Rand On Philosophy, Creativity and Love

How do we centre ourselves with the understanding of our own personal motivations? The question of morals, destiny, destination and living with the creation and pro-creation of values can act for and against us. Reviewing Ayn Rand’s philosophy of ‘Objectivism’ and the ‘Sanction of the Victim’, she suggests we put our needs and desires at the forefront of our actions, she suggests these aspects become primary in the way of our relationship to the world. She also suggests that by living with an open ‘I Am’, ‘Oneness’, ‘Global’, universal consciousness and allowing the ‘leeches’ of mankind to suck at us, to take advantage, to exploit us, we are creating our own impotence.

I would agree with these areas of challenge and I’m interested to explore them further; I am aware of the way suckers or takers appear around the ‘I AM’ individual’, those that embrace global unity or a peaceful planet, how the ‘takers’ encourage a lethargy, a weight in the now, in striving, adding to the burden of the Atlas. However, in the same way a leech has a positive purpose, they also create a flow of energy into the future, a flow of change, of awareness, of new consciousness. They reflect the issues of the world, in the same way they choose to live in denial of their own infiniteness, they often live in the shadow of their own hearts. In the same way we are ‘governed’ by systems of infrastructure that deny us our ‘wholeness’, ‘infiniteness’, we are in the fragmentation of this split.

If a person exploits, uses, takes advantage, creates pain, he/she is responsible for that way of being in which he/she engages. If an ‘I AM’ person or someone that acts for the good of all, stands in their truth and gives the ‘leech’ the possibility of experience of the vastness of ‘Creation’ through themselves, in oneness of consciousness, by sharing their values, their love, maybe their body, the ‘taker’ often experiences that as a gift, unconditionally. A leech will often take that knowledge, hold it, possess it, be shrewd, and create a satellite of energy that becomes self empowering. As with those who ‘milk’ people, the system, the opportunists in the world.

They are like sucker fish cleaning the energy systems of the past, as this enables the us all to move forward in to a new conscious awareness, to expand, to find empowerment in their depth of being, and to give back the other’s projected pain to them, so as to clear the issues and release, so as not carry it as a burden representing the world. An ‘I AM’ person is a representation of all that is, in the issues they attract, they reflect the world and the world’s issues, the world flows through them and is created as one with them. Any one can ‘BE’, they just have to choose to fully experience themselves and allow life to flow through them.

In this way, the world is responsible for being the world, in the oneness of Creation, we are all apart of that which we are. If we choose to deny this, we are choosing to betray our very own sense of being. We then choose limit, if this denial becomes extreme, a person can become possessive and take on the characteristics of a leech, be deconstructive  without the understanding of how they bring transformation through shadow aspects, the ying and yang of life.

By creating new value systems and standing present in them as a means of creating new social codes of conduct, we become subject to judgment, of creating a hierarchy and allowing boundaries and social codes to become blurred. We start to create a flow against the grain in which not all that have an understanding can engage with. We therefore become vulnerable to loosing the trust of the people as they are required to ‘work’ at understanding, we are asking them to understand us, as we are putting priority of self belief in our self and our way of value system. This becomes subject to martyrdom, of trying to ‘fix’ and ‘save’. When, saving is not possible, only development and evolution can create organic roads forward and new life.

However, who do we recognize an organic relationship with the development of evolution? How do we know a persons true motivations and the true rights of care, with ownership? Love? Or Gain?
Here I can only relate from personal experience and in connection with my I AM presence, from a place deep in my being and in the acceptance and memory of my eternity, I therefore express to you that I remember the death of the ‘beloved’ planet Sirius of which I cared so deeply, that I embraced a sense of care, in the same way as you care for a plant. One takes a plant it in, embraces it with love, so as to provide the water and light for it so that it can live happily.

These three elements, Water, Light (energy) and Love are those that I feel every human being has a right to access, if , as Ayn Rand says the world is built on the foundations of ‘Objectivism’, for us to live as ‘live’ beings there is a deeper fundamental source of need. In the same way I take time to water my flowers and make sure they have the right balance of light, I would never deny a human being less than this. I am able to love humanity in a way that accepts our fundamental construction. In the way others deny their full right ‘to be’ they deny themselves this depth of nourishment, in the same way we deny people a right to live with their make up of 80% water, a conductor for love, light.

So I believe the foundation of humanity in need and motivation has been designed to hold energy, scientifically and become a ‘live’ radio signal, allowing our bodies to conduct energy, emotions, love and consciousness, we are living technology, constantly in ‘communion’ with the world. Our fundamental infrastructure just ‘is’. Representing the world and all that is in these times of change, naturally and organically we are creating new boundaries and values, some precipitate and some constitute. We are in a placement of organic re-assessment, which is a pleasure to be apart of. Only that which we give value to, as a ‘body’ of ‘people’ has value, that means we can create whatever infrastructure we feel is necessary as a fundamental relevance to life. We can create new economies that allow us to exchange from a place of ‘wholeness’ and ‘limitlessness’, we can give space to new global markets and creation of global unity.

If you get to a place of owning the core of your human life form as a being that is a conductor of energy and consciousness through water, with a mechanical infrastructure of physiology and anatomy to function well, you will find you need to be vibrating on a level of love. Do you notice how well you function when love is your ultimate experience of life? I am actually beginning to believe that if all the infrastructure of humanity were balanced through a homeostatic global structure, there would be very little illness in the world and our very survival depend on us raising the energy frequency of communion to ‘love’, thereby putting the care of each other as a global community at the central point of development. Painting: Detail ‘I am as much apart of the landscape as you’ by Amanda McGregor


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