Paul Cummins Tower of London Poppies Artist Received Death Threats

Paul Cummins the artist behind the poppy installation at the Tower of London has revealed that he received death threats as a result of the artwork.The threats were sent via email, phone and letter and were in relation to services charities benefiting from the £10m raised, by the sale of the ceramic poppies.The artist said he felt that some people thought the charities were “involved in war”.

The poppy installation saw 888,246 ceramic poppies planted in the moat. The artwork became the most highly visited exhibit in 2014 attracting five million visitors.
8,000 volunteers volunteered to remove and pack the sculptures which were purchased at £25 each. The proceeds plus 10% of every sale generated the £10m being shared between Help for Heroes, the Royal British Legion, Combat Stress, Cobseo, Coming Home and SSAFA.

The poppy has been a symbol of remembrance for Britain’s war dead since the flower grew on the battlefields of northern Europe during the 1914-18 “war to end all wars”. This year’s Armistice Day carries particular resonance as it comes 100 years on from the start of the Great War and the withdrawal of British combat troops from Afghanistan after 13 years of combat in the region.


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