Rare Keith Haring Prints Donated to LGBT Youth Centre

A complete series of 10 silkscreens by iconic gay artist Keith Haring has been donated to the Center by Tyler Cassity, a co-owner of the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. The Apocalypse series is on exhibit in the Advocate & Gochis Galleries until March 30.

“Haring’s work is so iconic; we’re honored to receive and exhibit this series,” says Jon Imparato, Director of the Center’s Cultural Arts program. “It’s rare to have a complete Haring series together like this; we’re thrilled that people will have the opportunity to see all 10 silkscreens in our galleries.”

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It’s fitting that a series created by Haring—who established a foundation to support AIDS organizations and children’s programs—has been donated to the Center, a leader in HIV care as well as services for LGBT youth.

“I hope and believe Keith Haring would be pleased that his passionate vision has found a home at the Center,” Cassity said.   OUTTAKE    Read More