Rocking the Art World Like A Rolling Stone New Exhibition

Rocking the Art World: Celebrates 50 years of the Rolling Stones with a new and iconic exhibition at the Symbolic London pop-up showroom. This large show features the most comprehensive collection of Rolling Stones artwork in the world, spanning their entire career, as seen through the eyes of leading artists including rare pieces from Andy Warhol, Sebastian Krüger and Russell Young. FOR THE FIRST TIME ON DISPLAY: Bob Dylan’s original manuscripts for ‘Like a Rolling Stone’. Spectacular 6ft commissioned work by leading American artist Geronimo – made entirely out of recycled material. Exhibition to coincide with forthcoming Rolling Stones London tour dates For the first time, on loan from a private collection, the original manuscript of Bob Dylan’s epoch-defining track ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ will be on show at Symbolic London’s new exhibition: Rocking the Art World: Celebrating the Rolling Stones.

This selling exhibition, in conjunction with the Rolling Stones’ highly anticipated tour, is the most comprehensive collection of artwork inspired by the band to date. It includes the works of celebrated artists, from Andy Warhol’s 1960’s “Mick Jagger” artwork, to Russell Young’s iconic “Mick Jagger Red Lips” portrait, and number of works by German portrait artistSebastian Krüger. The show is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to own a piece of rock n’ roll history with all pieces available to purchase; the only item not for sale is Bob Dylan’s original manuscript – valued at up to £10m.

Central to the exhibition is a new commission by Belgian artist Geronimo, who will be recreating Jon Pasche’s famous Rolling Stones Tongue and Lips logo. This ambitious sculpture, which is also a functioning radiator, is made entirely out of recycled materials, including approximately 3,000 recycled Coca Cola cans. This impressive work will be on display in the gallery’s window. The exhibition will also feature new specially commissioned contemporary pieces by Ronnie Wood himself, created exclusively for Symbolic London in celebration of the Rolling Stones’ 50th anniversary.The founder of the Symbolic Collection, Bernie Chase, is a long time friend of the band, and so this exhibition not only celebrates the astounding career of his friends, but brings together his twin loves of music and art.

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Running until 23 January 34 Bruton Street, London, W1J 6QX


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