Street Artist Invader Premiers New Film ART4SPACE In London

Street Artists

The Lazarides Gallery is presenting the worldwide release of ART4SPACE, a pioneering film by internationally renowned street artist Invader. For the Time and Location for this film in June, watch this space!

Since his inaugural invasion in his home city Paris in 1998, the prolific artist has placed his signature mosaics in 48 cities around the globe. Fifteen years later and having scattered work throughout around the globe, the Space Invasion has grown into an intergalactic installation.

Along the Florida coast adjacent to the NASA launch pad, the mosaic One Space blasted off in August 2012 into the stratosphere, thus becoming the first artwork from Invader to travel in space. The ART4SPACE film documents this eponymous project as the artist invites us to follow him through this artistic expedition and embark into the galaxy. Witness the first astronomic ascension of a visual artwork into space and question what the future may hold.

Remaining outside the realm of human perception (in other words, we still don’t know what he looks like) Invader is one of the most cherished street artist working today. From his secret base on the dark side of Paris, the artist ‘invades’ public sites awarding himself a number of ‘points’ based on location, visibility, difficulty, illegality and other factors. Whilst it’s unashamedly kitsch, this opus also satisfies the finest artistic traditions of conceptualisation and obsession. Practically every major city in the world has undergone an ‘invasion’. Other notable projects include Rubikcubism, square pixelated works depicting movie anti-heroes (the ‘Bad Men Series’) and classic album covers.

Unworried by chatter around his transition from the street to galleries because he’s “always been an art fan,” Invader has graced many prominent group exhibitions including Baltic Newcastle’s ‘Spank the Monkey’ and MOCA’s ‘Art in the Streets’ alongside solo shows in Paris, Istanbul, Osaka and New York to name just a few. He has of course been arrested endlessly, most notoriously on the eve of the ‘Art in the Streets’ launch. Invader’s work has also appeared in Matt Groening’s Futurama.



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