The Museum of Everything Goes to New York City

Museum of Everything

From the 19th to the 29th January 2012, the fabulous M.O.E. institution & its entourage shall be visiting its chilly East Coast Cousins, bringing with it all manner of memorabilia for the delight of everyone. An art world sensation since 2009, The Museum of Everything is one of Europe’s most dynamic new museums. It has introduced critics and the public alike to untrained, unintentional and unexhibited artists from around the globe.

The invasion will include talks, screenings, debates, tea-dances, there’s no end to it all.  At the same time the Book of Everything will be  available for the first time in the colonies, The Books of Everything are a limited edition four volume series featuring full colour plates of our earth-shattering exhibits – with erudite, emotional & esoteric essays from the likes of Maurizio Cattelan, Cindy Sherman, Ed Ruscha, Nick Cave, Grayson Perry, Sir Ken Robinson, Damien Hirst, Thelma Golden, David Byrne, John Baldessari, Christian Boltanski & many many many more.The Books of Everything are available for all Americans to acquire at the Metro Art Show NYC from 19th to 22nd January 2012 – right there in the heart of New York City! Fair attendees get a we-must-be-crazy 10% discount & if you buy more than two of our lovely bibles, you get – absolutely free – a catalogue of Exhibition #1 & a Pulitzer Prize Winning tote bag.

Founder of The Museum of Everything, James Brett, will host the US launch of The Books of Everything with a riveting talk about the museum’s history, followed by a Q+A & a book signing.The book launch will occur on Saturday 21st January at 4:00pm on the dot at the Metro Art Fair. Come early to beat the rush, although it may just be the rush of wind.


Touching down at the Outsider Art Fair is The Shop of Everything, a glamorous boutique selling limited edition books, prints & merchandise created by The Museum of Everything & its artists.The Shop of Everything will be open for business from the 26th to 29th January, with lithograph prints by George Widener, William Scott & Sir Peter Blake, designer dresses by Clements Ribeiro in collaboration with Atelier der Villa & Creative Growth, four hand-crafted volumes from the museum’s European shows, not to mention travel-bags, homeware, casual attire, creative stationary, all discounted for this first foray into the Americas.
The Outsider Art Fair is where many first discovered the great non-traditional artists of the 20th Century. Yet can this essential creativity still be dismissed as outsider art? These artists are part of our legacy, the form the aesthetic fabric of our universe, they must be celebrated & included, not denigrated & denied. Death to outsider art! Long live the outsiders!