Thirty Leading International Artists Presented In New Zabludowicz Collection Exhibition

Zabludowicz Collection

Zabludowicz Collection is to present a new major exhibition featuring over 30 leading international artists, including eight Turner Prize winners, to celebrate 20 years of pioneering activity. Bringing together significant works, many never before seen in the UK, the exhibition reflects the attitude of bold experimentation that defines the Zabludowicz Collection.

Founded in 1994 by Anita and Poju Zabludowicz, the Zabludowicz Collection has rapidly grown to become one of the world’s leading independent contemporary art collections. It now contains over 3000 works by over 500 artists and is an entity that continues to grow and evolve. Zabludowicz Collection: 20 Years gives an insight into the development of a history still in the process of being written. Works range from those purchased when the artists were at the outset of their careers, through to major recent acquisitions. The artists in the exhibition are those the Collection has supported and learnt from, shaping the identity of the Collection itself.

The exhibition features a section celebrating the roots of the Collection in 1990s London and the artists who transformed the landscape of contemporary art in the city and the UK. Seminal works by Damien Hirst, Rachel Whiteread, Michael Landy, Sarah Lucas and Tracey Eminrespond to the forms, materials and routines of everyday life – a theme that runs throughout the exhibition.

Artists from outside the UK who have long-tested the parameters of painting and sculpture such as Sigmar Polke and Isa Genzken rub shoulders with those from a younger generation such as Rachel Harrison, Guyton/Walker and Pamela Rosenkranz. Physical bodily gestures and an irreverent approach to the boundaries between figuration and abstraction are central to the exhibition.

A dramatic new installation of Glasgow-based artist Jim Lambie’s brightly coloured floor work Zobop (Fluorescent), 2006, transforms the wooden boards of the former Methodist chapel into a pop riot of perception-altering lines. The strange potency of the objects that surround us on a daily basis are further investigated by Elizabeth Price, Mark Leckey and Heather Phillipson.

Highlighting the Zabludowicz Collection’s ongoing commitment to supporting artists early in their careers, the exhibition features immersive installations by American artist Samara Golden (her first presentation in the UK), and a collaboration between UK artists Laura Buckley, Haroon Mirza and Dave Maclean (of band Django Django), as well as a new installation by Andy Holden.

Ed Atkins / Laura Buckley, Haroon Mirza and Dave Maclean / Martin Creed / Alexandre da Cunha / Dexter Dalwood / Tracey Emin / Isa Genzken / Samara Golden / GuytonWalker / Rachel Harrison / Andy Holden / Damien Hirst / Jim Lambie / Michael Landy / Maria Lassnig / Mark Leckey / Sarah Lucas / Heather Phillipson / Sigmar Polke / Albert Oehlen / Josephine Meckseper / Elizabeth Price / Pamela Rosenkranz / Wolfgang Tillmans / Keith Tyson / Julia Wachtel / Gillian Wearing / Rachel Whiteread / Christopher Wool

Image:Damien Hirst, I Love You, 1994–1995. Butterflies and household gloss
on canvas. © Damien Hirst and Science Ltd. All rights reserved, DACS
2015. Photo: Stephen White.


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