Top Artists Join Forces To Raise Money For Refugee Crisis

Migrate Art auction Refugee Crisis

Multicolour is a new exhibition and auction fundraiser to support those affected by the global refugee crisis created by Migrate Art. Some of the most significant names in contemporary art will create works using pencils and crayons salvaged from the Calais Jungle refugee camp, formerly home to a community of approximately 10,000 refugees, demolished in 2016. These works will be on view in a dedicated exhibition in March 2019 in London before their sale in an auction at Phillips in early April and also online via partnerships with Artsy and A limited edition of prints for some of the works and artist-designed clothing will also be available during the exhibition.

“The Migrate Art auction is a very creative approach enabling people to help with the desperate Refugee Crisis, a worldwide problem.” – Rachel Whiteread

Confirmed artists include: Anish Kapoor / Annie Kevans / Annie Morris / Chantal Joffe / Conor Harrington / Conrad Shawcross / Edmund De Waal / Gary Hume / Idris Khan / Jeremy Deller / Joana Vasconcelos / Jonathan Yeo / Keith Coventry / Kevin Francis Gray / Mark Wallinger / Maggi Hambling / Michael Craig-Martin / Nari Ward / Pejac / Rachel Whiteread / Raqib Shaw / Richard Deacon / Richard Woods / Robert Montgomery / Ron Arad / Sara Shamma / Sean Scully / Swoon / The Connor Brothers / Zhang Huan

Migrate Art was born in 2016 from a desire to help those affected by the global Refugee Crisis. Since then Migrate Art has raised tens of thousands of pounds to help individuals and communities who have been displaced by war. In an industry full of red tape and bureaucracy, the aim is to keep things simple – raise money and donate it to groups who can use it most effectively and help those most in need.

When Migrate Art visited the site of the Calais Jungle in the aftermath of its destruction, they found a flattened wasteland where there had once been so much life. From the rubble and dirt of a former school, a number of coloured pencils and crayons were salvaged. Continuing the Migrate Art ethos of developing positive, fundraising responses to the global refugee crisis, these pencils and crayons were collected and brought back to London. They were then sent to leading artists to create an artwork with them in whatever way they wish – drawing with them, photographing them, incorporating them into sculpture or breaking them apart. Thus Multicolour was born.
“Whether or not today’s refugees are fleeing from political or economic trouble, I identify with and have great empathy for the sense of displacement they must feel. The only way I can express my true feelings is through my art – as a means of release and escapism – so I am happy to be contributing to the Migrate project in aid of this worthwhile cause.” – Raqib Shaw

Proceeds will be donated equally to Migrate Art’s key charity partners – RefuAid, Refugee Community Kitchen, The Lotus Flower and The Worldwide Tribe.

Migrate Art has previously worked with some of the biggest names in contemporary art, including Antony Gormley, Julian Opie and Christie’s, and has raised £97,000 to date for projects across 3 continents. It has a 100% record of selling artworks at auction within or above estimate.

About Migrate Art:

Founded in 2016 by Simon Butler, and later joined by Ian and Joe Syer, the Migrate Art team have over 20 years of combined experience working in contemporary art. Butler has worked in many of London’s most prominent galleries, and Ian and Joe founded My Art Broker. Migrate Art is a restricted fund under the auspices of Prism the Gift Fund (Charity number 1099682).

To signup and register your attendance at this special exhibition and event, please visit Full venue details will be released shortly.

About RefuAid – Refu-aid has developed a programme that supports access to language tuition, education, employment and family reunification for refugees that are granted asylum in the UK. Refu-aid offers interest-free loans for those that have been forced to leave their country and are unable to find correct employment once in the UK. Refu-aid’s programme provides an opportunity to gain relevant qualifications, re-train, learn English and find employment.

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