Tracey Emin Opens Turner Contemporary Gallery Margate

Plans for Emin Solo Show In May 2012

An emotional Tracey Emin gave the opening speech to a crowd of around a thousand people outside the new Turner Contemporary gallery as the grand opening came off flawlessly.

“In Margate, first there were the Danes, then the Vikings, now there’s art and art is going to be the strongest and the best thing that has ever happened to Margate.”she said.

The gallery was designed by renowned Stirling Prize Winner, David Chipperfield Architects . The building has already been affectionately nicknamed “The Shed” by locals. Turner Contemporary will not have a permanent collection but instead be a space for new exhibitions and events. Funnily enough there was one turner painting on view and that was a view of Mt. Vesuvius painted in Italy. It appeared to be a winner with visitors and you could barely get near it. Turner painted many of his most cherished seascapes from the port of Margate a geographical location famous for it’s ever changing light. It is thought that exhibiting Turner alongside contemporary art would be an intriguing way to attract gallery goers.

The Gallery is expected to be a popular venue both with the public and with tourists bringing in much needed revenue to the local economy. The main thing to watch is how the  team of Victoria Pomery, Sarah Martin (Head of Exhibitions) and curator Lauren A. Wright  will deliver an interesting program of events and exhibitions which will engage the public.

When asked why none of her work was on display inside, Emin answered ,”This opening is about Margate and not me”. We can expect a major new show of her work in May 2012.

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