Tracey Emin Presents Sam Bailey The Hix Emerging Artist Award 2017

Hix award 2017

The winner of the Hix Award 2017 with a cash prize of £10,000 has been won by Sam Bailey, for his painting ‘Smoker 3’. The substantial prize money will go towards helping with studio costs and is (sponsored by Coutts & BaxterStorey). This Opportunity also includes a commission for the artist to design a limited-edition silk scarf print for the bespoke brand Turnbull & Asser, a solo exhibition at HIX ART in 2018 and last but certainly not least a feature in the next issue of HIX magazine.

“It is a great honour to present these young talented artists with this year’s awards” – Tracey Emin

Sam Bailey attended Central Saint Martins achieving a BA Fine Arts degree. He is a London based artist who recently graduated. His painting submission depicts images of activists and protesters based on archival photographs from the 1980s. Painted with thin layers of watercolour onto newsprint paper the work looks to evoke a sense of memory and the passing of time, while also referencing the act of protest in the pre-digital age. The newsprint also acts as a signifier of the handmade and make-do approach of the 20th century, which many of the activists depicted on its surface deployed during their occupations.

Sam Bailey Smoker 3 Winner of the 2017 Hix Award
Sam Bailey Smoker 3 Winner of the 2017 Hix Award

RUNNER UP – Prize: £1,000 worth of Cass Art vouchers was presented to Ella Husbands ‘ Embodied Distortion’ Central Saint Martins BA Fine Art. Ella Husband’s Embodied Distortion is an immersive piece aiming to alter the viewer’s sensory perception, and thus, connect them with the artist’s personal experience of sensory distortion brought about by the early stages of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The artist uses video and PVC foam board to project dizzying imagery of familiar and abstract scenes, with an urban projection creating an unsettling effect and a natural one being more soothing – the two create a tension in opposition to each other. Artwork Medium: Two HD video projections, PVC foam board

PEOPLE’S CHOICE – Prize: Went to Doppel Kim for his ‘Promiscuity of images; the image is always light years away’ Goldsmiths College MFA Fine Art. Kim will be treated to a weekend trip to HIX Townhouse in Lyme Regis with a scenic dinner at HIX Oyster and Fish House.

Doppel Kim is a London-based South Korean artist and recent graduate of the Goldsmiths MFA Fine Art course. Kim’s practices consistently navigate his distinct nostalgic and imaginative sensibility towards human perception and concerns of contemporary image culture. His works range broadly between digital media, installation, painting and sculpture, and focus on the issues from film, anime and photography to digital screen culture and data subject matter. The piece featured in this exhibition concentrates on contrasting different characters of painting and digital screen, asking how painting can be understood about other image systems; from television screens to billboards, to the infinite scroll of a mobile phone screen.
Art Work Medium: Acrylic colour and pencil on canvas/Digital RGB light by DLP projector.

Top Photo: P C Robinson © Artlyst 2017

The Hix Award exhibition is now on view at Hix Art Rivington Street Shoreditch until Sunday 19th November – Free

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