UK Based Young Masters Art Prize 2012 Launches

Young masters art prize

UK-based Young Masters Art Prize 2012 Launches

The Young Masters Art Prize is a unique, not-for-profit, bi-annual competition open to international and UK-based artists who combine innovation with awareness of the Old Masters and art of the past. Aiming to give global recognition to artists in the early stages of their career, this initiative is the brainchild of London-based gallerist Cynthia Corbett. Alongside an open call for entry, Cynthia also personally invites selected emerging artists to participate. The Young Masters 2010 Tour enabled the winners to show their work to an international audience at The Courtauld Institute of Art at Somerset House, Art Miami & Art Chicago.

Winners of the inaugural Young Masters Prize in 2009, US collaborative Ghost of a Dream (Lauren Was and Adam Eckstrom) will present their iconic sculptures and installations embodying opulence while being constructed of materials that typically end up in the trash. This year, the duo’s work has exhibited at several galleries in New York and the Colorado Fine Arts Center, alongside residencies at Bemis Center for Contemporary Art in Omaha and Smack Mellon in Brooklyn. Also being showcased is the work of Barcelona-born artist Lluís Barba who comments on contemporary culture by adding modern society darlings onto Old Master scenes; the surrealist works of Charlotte Bracegirdle; Tracy Satchwill’s playful collages and Jamie Lumley’s inimitable painterly-style photography.

The art of Young Masters newcomers Elaine Wilson and Wieland Payer will be presented at the show. Gritty, uncomfortable and probing, Scottish-born Wilson explores themes of self and ‘other’ in her sculptures and collages. Payer’s prints and drawings represent ethereal landscapes with weird cultures, echoing the work of Carl Blechen and Casper David Friedrich. Says Cynthia “Our initiative is unparalleled in that it showcases international contemporary art with historical links both to the British public and the arts world. We’re delighted that our prior winners and runners-up have since gained substantial awareness and this exhibition/auction will secure funds to ensure the continuation of Young Masters.”

About Young Masters Art Prize 2012

This year’s exhibition is curated by Daria Khan (RCA). The judging panel includes art historian Godfrey Barker (Chair); Colin Wiggins, Special Projects Curator, National Gallery; Roy Bolton, Director, Sphinx Fine Art; Adam Dant, Jerwood Drawing Prize winner; Alain Servais, renowned Belgian art collector; Anke Adler-Slottke, Director, Christie’s International; and previous Young Masters winners, Ghost of a Dream. Prize Details

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