UK Riots Leave Big Society In Tatters

We must now produce a new vision for a global infrastructure? ArtLyst Editorial By Amanda McGregor

The awakening of conscious after a shock globally or nationally, is like a door of opportunity for unity and expansion of consciousness, as it provides an avenue for people to see and hear with new eyes and ears, then for them to start taking action to move in a direction. The riots gave us this jolt. The tanned financiers came back from their holidays into the mayhem of a society violently crushed by its own people. All people are vigilantly looking around the streets for answers, finding insight in to the social science of people and the area of relationship between social science/finance/riot/looting and milking the system. The last few days I let people look at me, I let them meditate off me and gave them a reassuring nod, as if to say, yes, this is the ‘true nature of the situation, ugly as it is’.

 There is apparently a new word out on the globe called ‘eco-affluence’, seemingly an effort to the counter balance of trillions economic debt. These words, are power words, they create visions a possibility and new direction. The vision I am developing is of a ‘limitless, sustainable economy created through limitless sustainable energy resources, which enables limitless global unity through shared infrastructures and markets’. This type of infrastructure would enable sustainable lifestyles outside and inside the corporate system. I would like ‘implosive’ energy and other new sustainable energy resources to be available to all globally at very low cost or free. Thereby creating a new infrastructure for economic reform. I would actually like water and energy to be available to all globally as the backbone of infrastructure to create a new world infrastructure, but what would it take and is it possible?

 There are a few things we have to be conscious of, to understand the use of words in a way that leads to the manifestation of new global economies and community infrastructures that can create sustainable peaceful lifestyle. I have tried to write some notes on my thoughts around this –

 London is a Corporation, most countries are run as a Corporate business, therefore if you are freelance, sole trader, social, or in care, retail, creative etc Unless you run your life or are paid in a corporate way, in this economic climate the odds are against you in finding financial buoyancy.
One nugget of gold can borrowed against, by 90% by the banks, so only 10% of wealth in the entire world has a resource of solid energy, gold. When you take money from a bank and they are ask for it back you aren’t doing much more than asking for a casual I.O.U.. I have watched people wriggle out of debts from 5,000 to 40,000 and seen people live off the loop holes of the banking system as we really are projecting an idea on each other that isn’t based on any grounded ‘real’ exchange of finance/money.
As the economy as expanded in debt, countries have been forced to borrow money from around the world, this creates an underground political agenda, an iceburg of political network that goes unexposed in the public world. The conspiracy theory, known as the ‘New World Order’ relates to how the countries relevant to the iceburg effect will very soon emerge as a much more grounded power of economy reveals its self with a new ‘world order’ of leadership. I feel there is room for another ‘world order’ based on limitless global supplies of energy from implosive sustainable energy systems. That could bring political and global unity and help the poorer countries.
In 1896, Tesla invented a wireless system of energy that could transmit energy across 48 km, he wanted energy to be free to the world. His funder withdrew investment as he didn’t wanted it to be free, he wanted to make money from it. The project collapsed, Now we look at the power of ‘facebook’ and we are able to see that it is possible to create ‘free’ community infrastructures based on peoples needs. I would like to see energy, free to the globe. There are now many other energy systems available as well small underground nuclear power units called ‘nuclear batteries’, new ways of using sunlight with the understanding of photovoltaics, futurist Dr James Martin has explored some of these options. From my limited understanding, implosive energy systems instead of explosive energy systems are best for the environment, although I know that the answers are out there to create limitless energetic resources. To understand this historically its good to watch a DVD called the ‘Pyramid Code’, Magdalena Productions. To me its not the energy system itself that can creates a new economy, its what comes off the back of it.
A governing  or ‘government’ system has subtle energies of dictatorship to it through its ‘paternal presence’ rather than encouraging people to take full responsibility of their lives, independence and lifestyles in a way that helps them understand the basic rules of trading, value systems and survival.
Religions often use dictatorship, government and hidden political agendas globally, this has confused the use of simple values of care, compassion, love, light in spiritual growth. Historically, effective people in power had a strong relationship with God/unified consciousness, the people in power that were seen as good were visionaries and had an ability to relate to people through empathy, love and a sophisticated philosophy of life.  Understanding the value system of what makes a person powerful, their motivation in to leadership. Their true ability, reveals the hidden agendas they bring to global process. I.e. if they were in the shadow of their brother with social politics at school and grew up in ‘lack’ of attention, what comes after they win a seat of power? What is the next agenda once they have that attention? This purely a question, not a judgment. What would it take to breath ‘Soul’ back in to the working and social environment?
As soon as a member of society is judged, a wall appears around them, which can lead to larger walls in social politics. Creating pain and destruction is not acceptable and should not be tolerated on any level, at the same time we have to remember the wall of judgment creates a loss of voice on moral grounds. So those emotions become suppressed emotions through the emotional blackmail of guilt through discipline and judgment. This becomes the stronger power of people management, so those emotional energies are not heard. By nature every single person has an  energy of escapism through oppression and entrapment, those emotional energies become overwhelming when a person feels emotionally ‘betrayed’. The most powerful and overwhelming psychological confusion to a person is emotional betrayal. We therefore have to ask, where these people betrayed? Adopting an attitude of, if they fall, we are falling, means there is more chance of integrating as brothers and encouraging positive pathways through to help people climb, by listening, understanding their point of view and find new ways forward based on new ideals, helping people in need to guide them in to resolving their issues and needs and by helping to give them a public voice.
Many people have this week have felt that they live in an illusion of a bank system, economic system and government system that is based on lust for power, governing systems of corporate finance and banking systems based on I.O.U.’s. . If the economy is allowed to live in 90% debt and supports corporate activity over other forms of working lifestyle and infrastructure people in that knowledge tend to question the reality of the values of products and consumerism.
Most people know that westerners developed a ‘law’ system that overpowered other law systems and sometime natural law systems, the Native Americans laughed when people produced a paper to say that they owned the land. The paper was only valid because of a right of ‘governing’ people, power in numbers, giving energy to Government and Law. The land of course can never really belong to anyone, unless ‘law is given power of government’, its like having the right to say I own the planet, which if enough people wanted, could be done. For sure we should have rights, of being able to live peacefully on land and we should be able to invest our energies at creating more beautiful landscape and looking after the earth without a need to completely drain resources and energy supplies. However to live with land in this country you need to form a ‘corporate’ attitude in to buying it, so you have to integrate with the values of corporate lifestyle. What would it take for people to feel they could secure a home through a peaceful landscape or lifestyle?
So these to me, are the issues we need to deal with, it’s a development process, a journey in to becoming. There are no direct answers only possibilities but with new infrastructures we can begin to build a new world; a new vision with new lifestyles based around core values of care, growth, development and global community to create a limitless sustainable economy that satisfies all of societies needs. Do you have a dream that deals with these aspects?


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