Vanya Balogh London Car Park Curator Announces Venice Biennale Exhibition

Vanya Balogh

The Fall Of the Rebel Angels is an artist led satellite exhibition which will open concurrently with the 56th Venice Biennale on 6th,7th & 8th of May and remain open to public daily until Wednesday 24th June 2015. This group exhibition is intended to be seen as complementary to and continuous with my democratic curatorial practice of recent years and is one artist’s view as to what an arrangement and extension of those ideas might look like in Venice, when there is no budget available, space restriction being of prevalent concern and no one else left to persuade. 

It includes, naturally, work by 111 emerging and established artists from many different backgrounds, at different ages and stages of their practise with different motivations in play. It also includes some unseen new works and equally some old new works. Nearly every one of them has exhibited internationally and their work on this occasion is centered in factor of risk rather than comfort. 

The Fall Of The Rebel Angels does not explore, follow or define any particular topic or theme, neither does it enforce any standpoint or high minded idea. It is rather one solution, for a particular time and particular place. This petit space, which will be home to a multiverse of disquieting thoughts and impressions is a ground floor of the historic Venetian palazzo, conveniently situated between Arsenale and Giardini. The plural narrative examined by all selected artists will take shape during 6 day install period, commencing on Friday 1st May. Artists will participate in the exhibition build up partly influencing and guiding the installation process towards its final moments. Exhibition will open for the first preview day on Wednesday 6th May at 6pm local time. 

Apart from its static aspect internally, exhibition will feature a number of performative acts in the open air ongoing over the three consecutive days, with the final preview assessment taking place on Friday 8th May. Exhibition is equally accompanied by 128 page limited edition catalogue featuring some visual exclusives collated for this special occasion. This unique publication is designed, edited and produced by graphic design students at Bath Spa University in close collaboration with Rebel Angels. I would also like to acknowledge the kind support of artists Cedric Christie @ Bath Spa, Mark Woods&Rebecca Scott, Negin Vaziri, Hedley Roberts @ UEL London, Genevieve Closuit and all my fellow exhibiting artists and young designers who have embarked courageously on this journey of unknowing.

Vanya Balogh is an independent artist/curator who was Born in Zagreb, Croatia. He studied at Central St Martins and currently lives and works in London and Germany, with studios in Hackney Wick and Berlin. Vanya is best known for his car park take-over satellite exhibitions, held during Frieze week, in London. He has continued the theme with similar pop-ups in London’s Chinatown and will soon launch an event in Berlin. This is his first Venice Biennale event, showcasing British and international work.

Artist’s Include: alice herrick > cedric christie > rebecca scott loukas morley > julia maddison > negin vaziri > dannielle hodson > lorenzo belenguer > becca quirck > mark woods > tiziana mandolesi > franko b > michal cole > andie macario > david brian smith > agnetha sjogren > lee maelzer > vanya balogh > geraldine swayne > hedley roberts > marisa polin > jude cowan montague > tomaz kramberger > sonja engelhardt > john plowman > anne robinson > pascal rousson > birgit jensen > danny pockets > aly helyer > sian kate mooney > jola spytkovska > gzillion artist > susana sanroman > glen fitzy fitzpatrick > rekha sameer > emanuel fanslau > maria jose arceo > tom sudhues joanna mccormick > robert barta > thomas behling > dean todd > sarah sparkes richard ducker > jordane yarden gaudenzi > paul sakoilsky > jim racine > sarah doyle > bella trimble > patrick morrissey & clive hanz hancock > tom estes valerie driscoll > garry doherty > lili ren > ashley scott fitzgerald > maria teresa gavazzi > stephen hall > andie macario > ibby doherty & charlie weatheley > rona smith > elena muti > slobodan trajkovic > thomas draschan > toni gallagher inesa and barrington de la roche > lorenzo belenguer > maslen & mehra > steve smith > liz sheridan > roger clarke > marisa polin > hugo von hugo > taline tamizian > michael petry > rebecca feiner > gonny glass > eva raboso > stefan draschan > jonas ransson > darren coffield . ernesto romano > mc > roberto ekholm > marie louise jones > jim bond > julia maddison > william angus-hughes tracey moberly > ray gange > louise gibson > fiona haines > spizz energi > martin sexton > dallas seitz > vanja karas > sooz belnavis > thomas j ridley shuby > gordon faulds > becca quirk > bob lawson > dj roberts > paulina otlylie surys > susan schulman > alex cepalovic > paul gildea > francesco la porta michal cole > paul coombs > geraldine swayne > david brian smith > gavin turk nerys mathias > laura hynd > alexis harding > john stephens > david brock > india roper evans > samuel brzeski <> 

Exhibition Runs 9th May ~ 23rd June 2015 open daily from 12pm ~ 7pm  Venice 56 ~ 2015 In association with Bath Spa University

Vernissage 6th 7th 8th May 2015 evenings only 6 – 10pm

Finissage Day 24th June 2015 open 6pm ~ 10pm Location address: Castello 1610/A Riva Dei Sette Martiri Venezia 30122 for ltd edition catalogue and info contact: Kindly supported By Bath Spa University & UEL London 


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