Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair Unveils Folkestone Triennial Edition This Saturday

Folkestone edition of the popular Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair

The Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair are thrilled to be returning to the very same spot in Folkestone that they occupied three years ago on the same opening Saturday of the acclaimed Folkestone Triennial and Folkestone Fringe. As expected from this unforgettable event, there will be Art, Food and Music to make this the most enjoyable day you could possibly imagine. 

Since last here the Folkestone Harbour Arm has been lovingly restored and re-opened making it a vibrant and exciting place to be, especially at weekends when the area throngs with good old-fashioned seaside promenaders. This first weekend of September will attract art lovers as it’s the opening day of the Folkestone Triennial & Fringe. There will be incredible art to view all over town and, courtesy of the boot fair, some you can actually afford to buy and take home with you too!

This years stellar line-up of artists include: Gavin Turk . Geraldine Swayne . Sir Peter Blake . Marcus Harvey . Kristjana Williams. Colin Self . Ben Eine . Vic Reeves . Nina Fowler . Kate Knight. David Edmond. Jake Clarke . Keeler Tornero . Edy Ferguson . True Rocks and Bip Ling . Ian Dawson . Wildcat Will . Sophy Rickett . Paul Sakoilsky . Julie Maddison . Cate Halpin & Outside World Allstars . Binnie Sisters . Wilma Johnson . Carrie Reichardt . Christian Furr . Richard Clegg . Mark Jones . Cliff Pearcey . Laura New . Dion Kitson . Schoony . Joseph Gibson . Matt Rowe . Paul Hodgson . James Joyce . Jason Gibilaro . Jake Clarke . Kelly Ann Davitt . Kelvin Pawsey . Bayle Window . Leigh Clarke . X Ray Fog . Alteria Art with Jake & Dinos Chapman . Art on a Postcard . Jealous Gallery with Charming Baker, Jess Albarn, Joe Webb & Anka Dabrowska . Moniker Projects with Ben Eine and Luke Cheuh . Worton Hall Studios . Smithson Gallery with Frea Buckler . Flying Leaps . Renaissance Selfies . ARTourists . Turps Painters . The Chip Shop Group with Vincent Lloyd, Sam Millen, Kester Hackney, Leigh Mulley, Dave Boughton . The Amorist . Kin Art with Swifty . Cultivate with Sean Worrall, Emma Harvey, Quiet British Accent . Beamish McGlue . Bean About Town . Nats Chaff Micro-Pub . Clifford Slapper . Bathtub & Gun

The Art Car Boot Fair has taken place in the Truman Brewery car park just off Brick Lane since 2004 and in that time has featured literally hundreds of artists from Turner prize-winners to emerging young artists, and more recently the cream of the urban art scene. This year it moved to Vauxhall near to Damien Hirst’s Newport Street Gallery.

The idea is simply that the artists show up in person to flog their specially made just-for-the-day wares. It’s all run like a club where all the participants are invited by us or recommended by other booters and, unlike any other art fair, there is no financial transaction between the artist and the organisers. They simply show up and take what they make. The project is run on a sponsorship model and as well as funding the event Vauxhall also provide production funds for invited artists to have some fun with one of their cars.

Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair 2ND OF SEPTEMBER 2017 HARBOUR ARM FOLKESTONE 12 – 4 PM

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