YBAs Support Emerging Artists With £2,000 Kids of Dada Prize


The launch of Kids of Dada’s new exhibition UP&COMING, takes place on March 13th 2014. It has found support from a new online destination for emerging art and limited edition fashion collaborations. The three day event, at The Hoxton Gallery, 9 Kingsland Road, will be open to the public March 14th-16th 2014.

UP&COMING Champions 22 international emerging contemporary artists. The show will begin with the awarding of the KOD Prize to support the practice of the winner. Created along with the KOD Prize judging panel, comprised of leading art luminaries, such as Jake and Dinos Chapman ,Tim Noble and Sue Webster, Polly Morgan and Mat Collishaw, the prize is set to become a much needed annual event.

The art prize night will be followed by the release of the limited edition ‘Signed by the Artist’ line of t-shirts created through collaborations between Kids of Dada and leading emerging contemporary artists,available exclusively though Kids of Dada. Kids of Dada and YBAs support exciting new contemporary artists.             

Kids of Dada (KOD) presents UP&COMING, a four day event showcasing a fresh generation of international artists and art/fashion collaborations.Created to support emerging artists UP&COMING opens with the awarding of the KOD Prize. On Thursday 13th March, an award of £2000 will be given to one promising artist to support their artistic practice. The 22 artworks shortlisted for the KOD Prize will be on public display March 14th-16th, following the award night. UP&COMING is graciously supported by the KOD Prize judging panel, made up of leading British artists and art luminaries including Jake & Dinos Chapman, Tim Noble and Sue Webster, Mat Collishaw, and Polly Morgan.

Also featured are limited edition fashion items, commissioned as part of Kids of Dada’s ‘Signed by the Artist’ collection. Developed with emerging visual artists and KOD collective, this fashion range combines contemporary artworks and innovative design to produce unique and individual fashion pieces. The range will be available exclusively a t UP&COMING and online at kidsofdada.com from March 13th.

“Because art impacts so much of our lives, we created UP&COMING to support gifted emerging artists and to nurture the creative relationship between art and fashion. By developing Kids of Dada’s art/fashion collaborations we want to make it easier to discover new talent by reinventing the classic fashion t-shirt as a piece of art” – Maria Raposo, Managing Director, KOD

UP&COMING JUDGES: Made up of Turner Prize nominees, YBAs and influential arts journalists, the internationally acclaimed UP&COMING judges are known for their radical influence on younger generations of artists. Through their work with Kids of Dada, they now show their support:

“UP&COMING is an opportunity to help emerging artists get exposure and we’re happy to be a part of it.” – Tim Noble and Sue Webster
Mat Collishaw –  “Dada is a rolling stone”
– Jake and Dinos Chapman

“UP&COMING is an opportunity to help emerging artists get exposure and we’re happy to be a part of it.“In these harsh economic times, emerging artists are finding it more difficult to obtain exposur e to help support their practice. I’m pleased to participate in UP&COMING to help shine a light on rising talent.”
– Tim Noble and Sue Webster


Jake and Dinos Chapman, Mat Collishaw,  Keith Coventry, Machicko Edmondson (Aka Cyan Dee), Simon English, Barnaby Hoskings, Sarah Kent, Edward Lucie-Smith, Polly Morgan, Simon Patterson, Jessica Voorsanger, Sue Webster and Tim Noble.

Photo: Anja Priska © KOD 2014

Kids of Dada UP&COMING: at Hoxton Gallery March 14th – 16th Private View – March 13th: 6-10pm


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