Zabludowicz Collection Announces 2014 Sarvisalo Finland Artist Residency Programme

Zabludowicz Collection

The Zabludowicz Collection has announced details of its 2014 artist residency programme on the island of Sarvisalo, Finland. Since 2010, the Collection has invited artists to stay on the island, located one hour east of Helsinki, and this year’s participants are Nicolas Deshayes (UK), Sam Falls (USA) and Caragh Thuring (Belgium). Each artist has been invited to the island to produce work in response to its environment. The programme aims to provide an open and discursive situation in a setting that is conducive to creative thought and development.
For the fourth year of the residency programme, the Collection will cement the connections between its international locations with Sam Falls producing work during his stay in Sarvisalo that will become a part of his subsequent solo exhibition at the Collection in London (26 June – 10 August 2014). This builds on a previous residency by Andy Holden in 2012, during which the artist started developing his ambitious Maximum Irony, Maximum Sincerity commission, exhibited at the Zabludowicz Collection in London in 2013.
Alongside the residencies, the Collection will also unveil newly commissioned site-specific works by Oscar Tuazon (USA) andCorin Hewitt (USA), as well as starting production of a major architectural sculpture by Rachael Champion (USA). Hewitt’s House(2012), was developed directly out of his 2012 residency in Sarvisalo. Recent works from the Collection by David Brooks (USA), Corin Hewitt and Matt Moser-Clark (UK) will also be presented inside the Art Barn at Herman’s, one of three sites on the island in which the Collection has installed work.

Distinctive in their choices and approaches to materials, all of the artists involved in this year’s Sarvisalo programme share an interest in processes of manufacture, industrial landscapes, speculative environments and the position of the body within these. The influence of time is also key: freezing moments through photography or painting as a means to examine their visceral materiality or exposing those materials to a slow evolution and eventual decay.
This year we return to Sarvisalo, and are delighted to invite a whole new group of artists to the island. We’re excited not only to be working in this profound way with Caragh, Nicolas and Sam, but also by the possibility of furthering the links between our London home and the residencies.
Anita Zabludowicz, March 2014
Connected by a bridge to the mainland, Sarvisalo is approximately 28 square kilometres in size with a population of around 200, rising to nearly 4,000 in the summer months. The Collection works across three sites on the island, each retaining the name of its former occupant: Carpenter’s House, Herman’s and Suvikunta. Since 2010, works from the Collection by Sarah Braman, Stella Hamberg, Jeppe Hein, James Ireland, Matthew Day Jackson, Eva Rothschild, Erin Shirreff, Franz West and Toby Ziegler have been installed into the landscape and buildings around these sites. The Collection has also produced permanent commissions with artists Matthew Day Jackson, Hauta (2012), and Richard Woods, Stone Clad Cottage (Sarvisalo) (2011).
The Sarvisalo residencies take place on private grounds on the island but on 12 June 2014 the Zabludowicz Collection will hold an open day for a limited number of visitors. Groups will be able to book for curator-led tours of the three locations to see the installed artworks. Further details of this day and how to book in advance will be available through the Zabludowicz Collection website