Art Press Shakeup: Editors Of Artnet And Art Newspaper Exit

Alison Cole Art Newspaper

In a whirlwind of events, the art journalism world was left surprised as two prominent figures, Alison Cole of The Art Newspaper and Andrew M. Goldstein of Artnet News, stepped down from their positions as Editors-in-Chief within days of each other.

Goldstein bid adieu to his seven-year stint at Artnet News with a heartfelt email to his colleagues, expressing his immense pride in the work they accomplished together. His departure marked the end of an era during which Artnet News dissected the art market’s intricate workings, navigated the tumultuous waters of the Covid pandemic, and highlighted crucial reckonings the art establishment faced on issues ranging from racism to sexism and colonialism.

Andrew M. Goldstein
Andrew M. Goldstein Artnet News

Goldstein’s legacy includes hosting the well-received Art Angle podcast and overseeing Artnet Pro, the publication’s subscription news service. He leaves behind a legacy of in-depth analysis and reporting. The industry speculates about his next move, yet Goldstein’s future remains a mystery.

Simultaneously, after steering The Art Newspaper for five and a half years, Alison Cole left her post as editor-in-chief. However, her departure was not a farewell but a transformation. Cole will continue her journey with the newspaper as an editor-at-large, bringing her invaluable insights to the publication. Her exit, though surprising, paves the way for an exciting new chapter at The Art Newspaper.

Cole’s new venture is equally intriguing. She steps into the realm of policy-making, overseeing a newly established policy unit. This unit is poised to influence cultural policies within the arts and creative industries in the UK, adding a new dimension to her illustrious career.

Under Cole’s leadership, The Art Newspaper saw unprecedented growth, expanding its footprint both in print and online across the UK and the US. Her departure, though a loss for the newspaper, heralds a promising trajectory for her and the publication as they embrace new challenges and opportunities.

Russian businesswoman Inna Bazhenova, the owner and publisher of The Art Newspaper, expressed her confidence in Cole’s abilities, acknowledging the challenging task she undertook in shaping the newspaper’s cultural strategy. Cole’s transition to Editor at Large is a testament to her enduring influence on the publication.

As the dust settles from these unexpected exits, the art world braces itself for the transformations that are sure to follow. With Goldstein and Cole leaving their indelible marks on their respective publications, the future of art journalism appears as vibrant and unpredictable as ever. Stay tuned for more updates as this story continues to unfold, and don’t forget you can always find the latest breaking art news, reviews, listings and features on Artlyst 🙂

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