Frances Segelman Unveils Bronze Bust Of Fashion Designer Bruce Oldfield At Festive Charity Event

Bruce Oldfield and Frances Segelman

Tuesday night marked a majestic kickoff to the festive season as renowned Royal sculptor Frances Segelman, AKA Lady Petchey, revealed her latest creation—a sculpture of fashion icon Bruce Oldfield OBE. The unveiling, held at her residence in Wapping, served as a tribute to the charitable endeavours of the children’s charity Barnardo’s.

The sculpture, a product of Lady Petchey’s vision in 2021, had its inception during a live sculpting event hosted by her at Lambeth Palace Gardens. This artistic initiative aimed to raise awareness for Barnardo’s vital work in supporting children within the care system and aiding young individuals transitioning to independent living after leaving care.

“It was a great pleasure to sculpt Bruce back in 2021. I am thrilled to finally reveal the sculpture to the world while continuing to raise awareness of Barnardo’s work supporting children in care and young people leaving care.” – Frances Segelman

Frances Segelman’s artistry extends beyond this recent project. A self-taught sculptor renowned for her depictions of royalty and celebrity personalities, she boasts an impressive portfolio that includes sculptures of HM The King, the late Queen, and Prince Philip, among many others.

The unveiling event showcased Lady Petchey’s artistic power and underscored the significance of charitable initiatives, especially during the holiday season. As guests revelled in the festive atmosphere, the sculpture of Bruce Oldfield OBE served as a poignant reminder of the ongoing efforts to support vulnerable children and youth in their journey toward a brighter future.

Bruce Oldfield OBE, Vice President, Barnardo’s, said: “I’m delighted to see my sculpture by Frances unveiled and very pleased that we are continuing to support Barnardo’s to help them with their vital work.”

Photo: Edward Lloyd Courtesy of the artist

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