Sandy Nairne To Succeed Lord Smith of Finsbury As Chair Of Art Fund

Sandy Nairne as Chair of the Art Fund

Art Fund, a prominent charitable organisation dedicated to supporting the arts, has unveiled its latest appointment, which will shape the institution’s future. Sandy Nairne, a respected figure within the art world, is poised to succeed Lord Smith of Finsbury as Chair of Trustees this autumn, marking a significant transition in the organisation’s leadership.

Nairne’s notable career spans over four decades, during which he has made notable contributions to various facets of the arts landscape. Notably, he served as the Director of the National Portrait Gallery from 2002 to 2015, demonstrating a deep commitment to advancing the institution’s mission and fostering public engagement with portraiture. Before his tenure at the National Portrait Gallery, Nairne held influential positions at reputed institutions such as Tate, the Arts Council of Great Britain, and the Institute of Contemporary Arts. His diverse background encompasses roles in television and writing, reflecting his multifaceted approach to promoting artistic discourse and cultural enrichment.

Throughout his extensive career, Nairne has been a staunch advocate for the arts, leveraging his expertise to champion various initiatives to broaden access to cultural heritage and nurture artistic talent. His governance and advisory roles with esteemed organisations such as St. Paul’s Cathedral, the National Trust, and the Mayor’s Commission for Diversity in the Public Realm underscore his deep-rooted commitment to advancing the cultural sector and fostering inclusivity within the arts community.

In assuming the Chair of Art Fund, Nairne expressed his deep sense of honour and responsibility, acknowledging the legacy of his predecessor, Lord Smith of Finsbury. Under Smith’s leadership, the Art Fund has emerged as a driving force in preserving and promoting the nation’s artistic heritage, spearheading initiatives to support museums, galleries, and cultural institutions across the UK. Nairne lauded the Art Fund’s pivotal role in renewing collections, investing in expertise, and extending engagement, underscoring the organisation’s vital contributions to the country’s cultural landscape.

Smith, in turn, expressed confidence in Nairne’s ability to lead Art Fund into its next chapter of growth and innovation. Reflecting on his tenure, Smith highlighted the organisation’s remarkable achievements over the past decade, including substantial grants to safeguard national treasures and initiatives to cultivate a new generation of museum-goers. He commended the Art Fund’s unwavering commitment to fostering collaboration within the cultural sector and advocating for inclusivity and sustainability.

As Nairne prepares to assume his new role, he brings with him a wealth of experience and a vision for the future of Art Fund. With a steadfast dedication to promoting the arts and enriching cultural life, Nairne is poised to build upon the organisation’s legacy of excellence and spearhead initiatives that will further enhance Art Fund’s impact and reach within the UK’s vibrant arts ecosystem.

The appointment of Sandy Nairne as Chair of the Art Fund marks a pivotal moment in the organisation’s history, signalling a renewed commitment to advancing the arts and shaping the cultural landscape for generations to come. With his leadership, Art Fund is poised to embark on a new era of growth, innovation, and cultural enrichment, solidifying its position as a cornerstone of the UK’s cultural heritage.

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