Tate Modern Announces Mire Lee As Next Hyundai Commission Artist

Artist Mire Lee poses in front of “Endless House: Holes and Drips” (2022), now on view at the 59th Venice Biennale's ″The Milk of Dreams.″ [TINA KIM GALLERY]

Tate Modern, in collaboration with Hyundai Motor, announces Mire Lee as the creator of the next Hyundai Commission for the Turbine Hall.

Known for her visceral sculptures blending kinetic elements with industrial materials, Lee will present her site-specific work from 8 October 2024 to 16 March 2025. This marks Lee’s inaugural UK showcase, promising an exploration of art and innovation.

Hailing from South Korea, Mire Lee, born in 1988, splits her time between Amsterdam and Seoul. Her oeuvre delves into the animate qualities of materials like steel rods, cement, and silicone, juxtaposing organic forms with mechanized components. Lee’s sculptures, pulsating with life-like movements and oozing fluids, challenge conventional boundaries, inviting viewers to contemplate themes of emotion and human desire.

Karin Hindsbo, Director of Tate Modern, expresses enthusiasm for Lee’s debut, praising her as one of today’s most distinctive contemporary artists. Lee’s provocative sculptures promise to transform the iconic Turbine Hall, offering a multi-sensory experience for audiences.

DooEun Choi, Art Director of Hyundai Motor Company, echoes anticipation for Lee’s commission, citing her ability to create sensory encounters that explore the fusion of organic and mechanical elements. Hyundai’s ongoing partnership with Tate facilitates innovative projects like Lee’s commission, enriching public engagement with contemporary art.

Since its inception in 2000, Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall has served as a canvas for groundbreaking installations, redefining modern art for global audiences. The Hyundai Commission, a pivotal initiative, enables artists to shape this dynamic space, pushing artistic boundaries and fostering dialogue.

The Hyundai Commission: Mire Lee, made possible by the collaboration between Tate and Hyundai Motor, reflects a commitment to artistic innovation. The exhibition is curated by Ann Coxon, Alvin Li, and Bilal Akkouche of Tate Modern, supported by the Asymmetry Art Foundation and Tate Americas Foundation.

Mire Lee’s career spans solo exhibitions at renowned institutions like the New Museum, ZOLLAMTMMK, and Schinkel Pavillon, alongside featured presentations at prestigious international events, including the Venice Biennale and Busan Biennale. Recipient of accolades like the Special Prize at the 2021 Future Generation Art Prize, Lee’s work continues to captivate audiences worldwide, embodying a fusion of creativity and craftsmanship.

Top Photo: Artist Mire Lee poses in front of “Endless House: Holes and Drips” (2022) 59th Venice Biennale’s ″The Milk of Dreams.″ Photo Courtesy TINA KIM GALLERY

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