Art Car Boot Fair Xmas Edition 2018 Sunday 9th December

Karen Ashton Art Car Boot Fair

The Art Car Boot Fair Xmas elves are working hard to ensure that the fabulous venue The Workshop London is overflowing with artworks and wares and plenty of festive spirit! They promise that there will be something for everyone and at a price everyone can afford. If you are looking for something special and original, a gift that will have a lasting impression, come to the Christmas Wrap Party at 26 Lambeth High Street, SE1.

The artists have responded very well to the theme by producing works exclusively for the day – Karen Ashton

You can alight at Vauxhall or Lambeth North (but not the North Pole) and it’s a lovely 7-10 minute walk from either. Book your advance tickets here for a midday start. Tickets will also be available on the door after the advance ticket holder queue has gone in.

Kristjana S Williams. Both 'Moss Star' and 'Northern Star'
Kristjana S Williams. Both ‘Moss Star’ and ‘Northern Star’

An amazing opportunity to win a beautiful hand-embellished one-off version of Kristjana Williams’ ‘Moss Star’ – a new print edition created especially for the Art Car Boot Fair.

Artist Info: Kristjana Williams is an Icelandic artist who works with intricate collage, often overlaying exotic flora and fauna onto cartographic backgrounds. Kristjana also creates fantastical creatures by fusing butterflies, tropical birds and exotic plants. There is a touch of magic to her art and her work has soared in popularity over recent years, with commissions for the likes of British designer Paul Smith and Liberty, installations for hotels and exhibition centres in Shanghai, Hong Kong and at The Shard in London and she recently designed the latest album cover for Coldplay.

The ACBF is very excited to announce their first Flash Sale with a stunning one-off edition by Icelandic artist Kristjana S Williams. Both ‘Moss Star’ and ‘Northern Star’ are editions of 125 at a very special price of just £165! See the Prize Draw above for more information on Kristjana Williams and here’s what she has to say about her inspiration. “For me stars always symbolise navigation, hope, nature and travel – when you look up you can imagine the corners of the world you have not been to yet” – Kristjana Williams

In the spirit of Christmas the fair has secured a glittering array of art from our line-up of artists and will be wrapping them or slipping them into one of our bespoke mailers and the price on each will be a real steal.

The only catch is you won’t know what you’ve got till you open it…OR you could be really brave and gift it to someone without actually opening it. A double Secret Santa.

The fair guarantees that each one is by an ACBF artist, will be a piece that they are producing especially for the Christmas Wrap Party and will be at a discounted special price for the Secret Santa Casino.

AND…. there will be one or two higher value works in the casino for just a tenner!

The’ll have a list of the artists who have work inside the packages and will cross them off as the day goes on….if you’re really lucky you may happen upon one of these beautiful, specially created Star works by rising star Frea Buckler! For 48 hours only at the Art Car Boot Fair page on Vero.

These stellar artworks will go on sale at midday on Sunday 2 December and end at midday on Tuesday 4 December.

All you have to do is download the free Vero app (iPhone/Android), follow us at Art Car Boot Fair, go to our page and scroll down to PRODUCTS where you can choose which Star you’d like and then press BUY NOW and enter your details or even easier just use Applepay. All the trimmings…music, food, drinks and acapella carols!

Come for the art and stay for the party – with a delicious seasonal menu from Juma Kitchen, mulled cider and delectable drinks from our bar, an afternoon of chilled Sunday afternoon party music from the Black Door Agency’s finest: Justin Robertson and Lulu Levan, and even a burst of acapella Christmas carol singing from the fabulous Treblemakers! Plus Stephanie Carlton Smith’s Christmas Wrapping service, and Bridget Virden’s Christmas Wreath making workshop – plus snow, fairy lights and Frankincense & Myrhh!


Rachel Howard . Geraldine Swayne . Jessica Voorsanger . Polly Morgan . Kristjana S Williams . Marcus Harvey . Mat Collishaw . Gavin Turk . Mr Bingo . Patrick Hughes . Barry Reigate . Kate Knight . Carrie Reichardt . Amelia Troubridge . True Rocks . Christabel McGreevy . Laura New . Sara Pope . Camille Phoenix . Colin Self . Andrew Weatherall . James Birch . Justin Robertson . Matt Small . Charming Baker . Trolley Books & TJ Boulting . Cob Gallery & Help Refugees . Ian Dawson . Turps Painters . Jake Clark . David Batchelor . Dion Kitson . Christian Furr . Wildcat Will . Rennaissance Selfies . Keira Rathbone Typewriter Artist . L-13 with Jamie Reid . Liam Ryan . Sadie Hennessey . Paul Sakoilsky . Wilfred Wood . Tony Beaver . Stephanie Carlton Smith . Holly Allan . Ruth Fox . James Joyce . David David . Cate Halpin and the Outside World . The Misfortune Teller . Meanmail . Wilma Johnson . Alice Herrick & Rachel Megawhat . Jennifer Binnie . Christine Binnie . Paul Davis . Elli Popp . Morel Books . Flying Leaps . Lady Muck . Sean Worrall . Emma Harvey . Quiet British Accent . Julie Maddison . Misha Milovanovich . Kelly-Ann Davitt . Wildcat Will . Jane Howard . Atom Gallery . Richard Clegg & Zach . Keeler Tornero . Alteria Art with Nancy Fouts . Jealous Gallery with Charming Baker, Chris Levine, Ben Eine, Ceal Warnants, Dave Buona Guidi + . Moniker Projects with Matt Small and Lucas Price . Art on a Postcard with Russian Dolls (more details soon) . The Beauty Papers with Gillian Wearing, Jake & Dinos Chapman, Julie Verhoeven + . Bumble & Earwig . Joseph Gibson . Smithson Gallery with Frea Buckler, Gillian Garnica, Sarah Duncan, Jason Lilley . Jono Boyle, Rose Emerson, Andrew Millar, Charlotte Farmer and Claire Halifax . Abigail Fallis . Aster Guinness . Beatrice Brown.

Plus The Secret Santa Casino!!!! Justin Robertson and Lulu Levan DJ-ing, the Treble Maker Acapella Christmas Carol singing, Bridget Virden and the Christmas Wreath Makers, Stephanie-Carlton Smiths Special Christmas Wrapping Services, Juma Kitchens Delicious Festive Menu, Mulled Cider, Cheese & Port and mystery guests!!!

Here are just a few of the incredible array of artworks that will be available, from top left clockwise: Sophy Rickett, Mat Colllishaw, Jason Lilley, Kelly Ann Davitt, James Joyce, Kate Knight, Will Kingett, Isabel Banneran, Christian Furr (cheese).

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