Artist Self-Publishers’ Fair ASP6 Moves Online 


Following on from previous fairs, ASP is hosting ASP6, the Sixth Edition of the fair, which features over 100 artists showcasing their work online.

 Usually held as an annual event at London’s ICA, ASP6 will be taking place 100% online due to the current situation, where large indoor gatherings have obvious and unwelcome consequences. Things are different this year as ASP6 takes on the challenges of our times. ASP will be reimagining the fair to present ASP6 as a streaming bizarre – a 2-way cable TV experience with 100 channels of live artists.

“Self-publishing appeals to artists and their audiences for lots of reasons. Possibly because most magazine publications follow fairly predictable lines and are commercially minded, so there is little to challenge the mind. But when artists get involved, the rulebook is subverted and ignored.

Lines of good taste or common sense are often meaningless in artistic publications. The artists can be very self-indulgent, or take huge risks and go for broke, follow unruly obsessions, break laws on copyright, or be as boring and mindless as possible. This makes for a hugely fertile soil from which these strange things can emerge.

ASP is keen on highlighting the artists that appreciate the medium for more than just a vanity project. It can be very hard to say why one publication gets into ASP and another doesn’t, more often it’s a feeling that the artist has somehow managed to dent something in the mind that reveals a madness or obsession that communicates that certain special something.

Special guests performances will be presented on Saturday 26 September, with readings and performance from 2:00 – “7:00 pm, featuring trans-chancers The Right Lube; Artist, Self Publisher whio hosts 53 Beck Road Lola Bunting, Bus Edition’s Richard Sides, the one and only Ruth Angel Edwards and interdisciplinary artist R.I.P. Germain; and to finish off the day, we have a 90-minute special Lolin’ & Scratchin’ from musicians Lolina and Scratcha DVA.

The fair itself will take place on the Sunday 27 September 2 – 7 pm

We will shortly begin announcing the artist self-publishers taking part in this year’s fair. ASP Fair seeks to highlight the practice of self-publishing and provides a platform for artists wishing to present work that circumvents the market mechanisms and constraints of the contemporary art world.

The publications are still the artworks; affordable and available, and remain free from the fetter of the institution or gallery, the ideas images and text are produced and published by artists who understand the restrictions and freedoms of the printed page.

Over the weekend visitors will also have access to live streams of interviews, guest slots, music, readings, book launches, films, plays and performances with artists from their own front rooms and studios.

With the generous help of the ICA London and Art Council England, ASP seeks to celebrate and promote artist self-publishers and their work.

In addition to those selected by ASP, 15 places will be allocated via open submission, details to be announced soon. For further updates and details, please keep an eye on our website, Instagram or Facebook page.

ASP6 – The Sixth Edition – Online, Saturday 26 & Sunday 27 September

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