Chris Levine Unveils First Autumn Winter Exhibition At Houghton Hall


British artist Chris Levine is showing a new body of site specific-works created for the inaugural Autumn Winter exhibition at Houghton Hall, Norfolk. ‘528 Hz Love Frequency’ (22 October – 23 December 2021) is a major solo presentation that transforms and illuminates the unique environs of the house and grounds.

The exhibition’s centrepiece is Molecule of Light, a new six-tonne monumental sculpture 25m in height

The sculpture comes to life as darkness falls, projecting light and 3D ambisonic soundscape across an imposing landscape. The exhibition also includes a series of new holographic artworks, prints and immersive laser and LED installations. Each distinctive work is characteristic of Levine’s unique and cutting-edge creations, which harness the immersive properties of light and sound.
The artist describes his practise using light and geometry to create a space where consciousness and the physical realm overlap. Working in pursuit of an expanded state of perception and awareness through image and form, frequency and vibration, he creates installations that invite the viewer to be present, in the moment. Levine harnesses the power of light not just as a medium to create his artworks but also as a means to create powerful collective experiences.

Molecule of Light harnesses natural light by day and at night; it becomes the centre of an immersive field of laser light forms. The high-powered lasers are precisely calibrated with the rotation of the earth, and by using the geometry and configLight sculptureuration of the architecture and natural topography of the Hall, the artist aims to draw the audience into a meditative state. In addition, Levine has collaborated with sound designer Marco Perry (Bjork) on the audio composition to produce a harmony of light and sound.

Chris Levine, Molecule of Light (2021). Photographed at Houghton Hall for ‘528Hz Love Frequency’. Photo credit Pete Huggins
Chris Levine, Molecule of Light (2021). Photographed at Houghton Hall for ‘528Hz Love Frequency’. Photo credit Pete Huggins

Levine is renowned for producing light portraits of notable cultural figures, most famously his depiction of the Queen, Lightness of Being (2012) – which the National Portrait Gallery described as ‘the most evocative image of a Royal by any artist’. Along with his celebrated royal portrait, his iconic images of Banksy, Kate Moss and Grace Jones, amongst others, will be shown in the South Wing gallery.

Levine said: ‘It’s a great honour to be showing at Houghton. All my endeavours to create truly experiential and transformative work have brought me to this defining moment. I’ve always sought to create art that draws the viewer to stillness and into a meditative expansive state. The more the work can be accessed through the heart and not needing to be mentally processed allows for a deeper sensory experience and something that moves us emotionally and positively impacts our physiological state.’

Chris Levine is a light artist who works across many mediums to pursue an expanded state of perception and awareness through image and form. Levine’s work considers light as a core aspect of art and human experience more widely, and a spiritual, meditative and philosophical edge permeates his work. However, Levine is perhaps best known for producing what is already being described as one of the most iconic images of the twenty-first century, Lightness of Being. With light and stillness at its core, the stunning portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II presents an utterly fresh depiction of the most famous woman in the world. The National Portrait Gallery stated it was the most evocative image of a royal by any artist.

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