Goss-Michael Foundation Presents New Ryan Hewett Works

Goss-Michael Foundation

The Goss-Michael Foundation located in Dallas Texas is presenting Nothing New Under The Sun, a showcase of eight new works by the South African artist Ryan Hewett in association with Unit London.

Hewett’s exhibition features work created especially for the foundation

Described by the art critic Edward Lucie-Smith as ‘one of South Africa’s most distinguished painters today’, Hewett’s exhibition features work created especially for the foundation. It leaves us to ponder existential questions about the role of humanity and its place in the natural world. This new body of work by Ryan Hewett is a continuation of themes explored in the Unit London exhibition, ‘New Paintings’, with increasingly dehumanised figures portrayed in isolating landscapes, reminiscent of Francis Bacon’s utopian vision of Atlantis. As human figures are reduced to animalistic likenesses, Hewett imagines the uncharted future of our species and planet with distinct impartiality as to whether we should be hopeful or fearful of our future.

Goss-Michael Foundation South African artist Ryan Hewett
South African artist Ryan Hewett presented by Goss-Michael

Using a variety of oil painting techniques, from brushes to knives, Hewett’s extensive knowledge draws on renowned movements within art history. Hewett’s structured forms and psychedelic colours allude to Cubist portraits and Surrealist landscapes, while his body-length portraits recall Renaissance medical diagrams of the human anatomy.
Kenny Goss, the co-founder of The Goss-Michael Foundation, said, ‘I became acquainted with Ryan Hewett’s terrific work through my friends Joe and Jonny, Directors at Unit London. His use of colour and abstract shapes really speak to me. I’m confident Dallas art lovers will be drawn to all the pieces.’ Joe Kennedy and Jonny Burt, founders of Unit London, said, ‘It’s a privilege for us to be back here in Dallas with one of the first artists to join the Unit London roster. We share the values of the Goss-Michael Foundation, which is dedicated to showcasing the best international artistic talent and giving them a deserved platform.’
The exhibition follows The Goss-Michael Foundation’s interest in a diverse selection of contemporary artists. Founded in 2007 by the late music icon George Michael and Kenny Goss, it has since exhibited artwork by artists including Tracey Emin, Damien Hirst, Marc Quinn and Sir Michael Craig- Martin, making it a custodian of one of the leading British art collections in the US.

This exhibition also marks Goss-Michael Foundation’s and Unit London’s shared cultural curiosity in art with exceptional aesthetic and conceptual depth. In March 2019, Unit London worked with the Foundation in MTV’s RE: DEFINE art auction and gala to help raise funds for the HIV/AIDS prevention and education charity supported by George Michael. In aid of the GMF’s Artist-In-Residence programme, Unit London’s founders, Joe Kennedy and Jonny Burt acted as Art Chairs for the RE: DEFINE Award. Together, Unit London and the GMF championed stylistically innovative artists, a mutual passion which is once again realised through this dynamic compilation of Ryan Hewett’s artwork.

Renowned for his brooding and evocative paintings, for South African born Hewett, the portrait is not about capturing an external likeness of a subject, but rather creating a portal to the inner journey of self-exploration. The striking works are created using a range of tools, including knives, brushes and paint rollers. To date, Hewett has presented three solo exhibitions in South Africa, one in New York and two at Unit London. The demand for his paintings continues to grow steadily, both locally and abroad. He has participated in group exhibitions in many major cities including; Berlin, London, Paris, Sydney, Hong Kong and New York, and his paintings have been presented at various art fairs including SCOPE Miami (2013-2014); FNB Joburg Art Fair (2013-2014); Cape Town Art Fair (2013-2018); Fountain Art Fair, Chicago (2014); Sydney Contemporary (2015); LA Art Show (2015); Art Central Hong Kong (2016); Volta NY (2017) and AKAA (Also Known As Africa), Paris (2017).

The exciting exhibition celebrates the shared cultural vision of The Goss-Michael Foundation and founders of Unit London, Joe Kennedy and Jonny Burt. As both unique and experimental platforms that strive for inclusivity and impact within the cultural sector, they combine forces with this powerful exhibition, presenting a one of a kind opportunityto explore Hewett’s world-renowned work. ‘Nothing New Under The Sun’ is a show which explores our role of humanity and poses questions on its place in the natural world – dehumanised figures find themselves in isolated landscapes drawing on influences from Francis Bacon, cubist and surrealist movements. Cape Town-based artist Ryan has exhibited internationally and appeared in numerous global fairs. – Kenny Goss

The Goss-Michael Foundation was founded by the late music icon George Michael and Kenny Goss in 2007. It exhibits artwork owned by Kenny Goss, which includes many prominent artists in contemporary art including Tracey Emin, Damien Hirst, Marc Quinn and Sir Michael Craig-Martin. Besides, The Goss-Michael Foundation supports an Artist-in-Residence program, is actively involved in many charitable causes and events, and exhibits select international artists on a rotating basis. The Goss-Michael Foundation is registered as a 501(c)(3) charitable organisation in the US.

Ryan Hewett  Nothing New Under The Sun 21 November 2019 – 11 January 2020 At The Goss-Michael Foundation, Dallas Texas USA

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