Jamie Reid: Godfather Of Punk Graphic Design Exhibition Announced

Jamie Reid

An exhibition honouring the late Jamie Reid, the artistic genius behind the iconic visual identity of the Sex Pistols. The Jamie Reid exhibition kicks off on Thursday, April 25th, and will run for one week until May 2nd, 2024, at Enter Gallery on Bond Street, Brighton.

Known for his bold and provocative artworks, Reid subverted political figureheads, from provocatively altering portraits of the Queen to satirizing Donald Trump. The week-long exhibition will showcase Reid’s Rogue Materials series, spanning from 1972 to 2021, featuring early posters and flyers from the Sex Pistols era. It will also highlight his involvement with protest movements like the Anti-Poll Tax Alliance and the Occupy London Movement.

Jamie Reid
Jamie Reid

The exhibition promises to unveil never-before-seen imagery documenting Reid’s remarkable life and career, including his final approved artwork before his passing. Among the highlights is a striking print depicting a shredded Union Jack adorned with punkish safety pins, paying homage to the iconic 1976 Sex Pistols single launch of ‘Anarchy in the UK’. This exclusive print release has been organised in collaboration with Sex Pistols Residuals and Bravado.

Attendees can look forward to acquiring limited edition prints of Jamie’s ‘Anarchy in the UK’ flag, available in two sizes: small (limited edition of 200) and large (limited edition of 76, marking the year of the single’s release).

Reid’s longtime friend and archivist, John Marchant, expresses his excitement for the exclusive print launch, highlighting the collaboration’s tribute to Reid’s enduring legacy.

The exhibition’s private view event on April 25th will feature insights from John Marchant, providing guests with a deeper understanding of Reid’s life and groundbreaking career. Helen Hiett, Enter Gallery’s Head of Buying, celebrates Reid as a visionary artist who fearlessly tackled societal issues through his rebellious and thought-provoking works.

Jamie Reid’s artistic legacy extends far beyond his association with the Sex Pistols. A true iconoclast and champion of radical causes, Reid’s powerful political art prints continue to resonate with audiences worldwide, earning him a devoted following and recognition from luminaries such as Vivienne Westwood, Madonna, and Angelina Jolie.

From designing iconic record sleeves to advocating for social justice, Jamie Reid’s indelible impact on the cultural landscape will be celebrated and remembered through Enter Gallery’s retrospective exhibition.

Jamie Reid, born in 1947, was a British artist renowned for his rebellious spirit, revolutionary artworks, and influential role in shaping the punk movement of the 1970s. Raised in a politically active family, Reid’s upbringing instilled a deep sense of social justice and a desire to challenge authority through his art.

Reid rose to prominence as the artistic mastermind behind the visual identity of the Sex Pistols, one of the most iconic and controversial bands in music history. As the band’s art director, Reid created provocative and subversive designs that captured the essence of punk ethos, including the iconic album covers for “Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols” and “God Save the Queen.”

His fearless approach to art and activism made Reid a leading figure in the DIY punk scene. He used his creative voice to address pressing political issues such as nuclear disarmament, racism, homophobia, and social inequality. Reid challenged the status quo through his powerful political art prints and advocated for radical change.

Beyond his work with the Sex Pistols, Reid’s artistic influence extended far and wide. He collaborated with a diverse range of artists and activists, including Vivienne Westwood, Pussy Riot, and Jimmy Cauty from The KLF, to advance causes ranging from environmentalism to civil rights.

Reid’s artistic practice spanned five decades, during which he remained committed to using art as a tool for social commentary and activism. He continued to push boundaries and challenge norms, earning him a reputation as a visionary and provocateur in the art world.

In 2023, Jamie Reid died, leaving behind a legacy that inspires artists, activists, and graphic designers worldwide. His pursuit of artistic expression and social justice cemented his status as a cultural phenomenon symbol of resistance and non-conformity.

Jamie Reid’s impact on art and culture is is an enduring power in challenging the status quo and sparking social change.

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