London Art Fair 36th Edition: A Celebration of Diversity in Contemporary Art

London Art Fair 2024

London Art Fair is set to impact the UK capital again from January 17-21, 2024, with an exclusive preview evening on Tuesday, 16 January. In its 36th edition, the Fair promises a compelling experience featuring a lineup of galleries, curated sections, and partnerships that underscore its commitment to the arts.

Diverse Galleries from Across the Globe:

The London Art Fair will play host to an eclectic array of emerging and established galleries, both homegrown and international. Catering to seasoned collectors and budding art enthusiasts alike, the fair will showcase a vibrant selection of modern and contemporary artworks, creating a visual tapestry that reflects the rich diversity of the global art scene.

Curated Sections: Encounters, Photo50, and Platform:

At the heart of the Fair are its meticulously curated sections—Encounters, Photo50, and Platform. These segments promise a visual feast, offering thought-provoking perspectives on contemporary art trends. Visitors can expect to be captivated by innovative artworks and ideas, providing a unique lens to explore the ever-evolving landscape of artistic expression.

Charleston: A Beacon of Artistic Legacy as Museum Partner:

As a testament to its commitment to supporting regional museums, the London Art Fair proudly welcomes Charleston as its Museum Partner for the 2024 edition. Once the vibrant abode of trailblazing artists, writers, and thinkers from the 20th century, Charleston will lift the fair with its distinctive collection of art, textiles, and ceramics. This collaboration not only brings forth the rich legacy of Charleston but also highlights the Fair’s dedication to fostering partnerships that transcend traditional boundaries.

A Festival of Ideas: Talks, Tours, and Performances:

London Art Fair extends beyond the visual, offering a dynamic programme of talks, tours, and performances. Attendees can engage with thought leaders, artists, and experts, gaining deeper insights into the stories behind the artworks and the broader narratives shaping the art world. It’s not just an exhibition; it’s a festival of ideas and inspiration. Recommended: There will also be a free talk in the VIP lounge with Artist Tobit Roche discussing his work and inspiration as an artist growing up in the Avant Garde world of the Bloomsbury Group’s country retreat Charleston. Hosted by Artlyst’s Editor Paul Carter Robinson  Book Here

Celebrating Art’s Transformative Power:

In a world where art is a conduit for diverse voices and narratives, the London Art Fair’s 36th edition celebrates creativity’s transformative power. Whether you’re an avid collector or an art enthusiast seeking inspiration, this immersive experience promises to be a journey through contemporary art’s varied and dynamic expressions.

As the art world converges in the heart of London, the fair beckons visitors to explore, engage, and be moved by the myriad stories told through painting, sculpture, and innovation. The 2024 edition of the London Art Fair is not just an event; it’s a collective celebration of the kaleidoscopic world of contemporary art.

London Art Fair 2024: A Global Convergence of Artistic Excellence

In a celebration of artistic diversity, the upcoming London Art Fair 2024 is poised to host a dynamic amalgamation of over 120 galleries from across the globe, including the creative hubs of Japan, Portugal, and Turkey. The roster introduces an exciting blend of new exhibitors, such as Bluerider Art, Stowe Arthouse Gallery, Liss Llewellyn, and Common Sense Gallery, alongside returning stalwarts like Gilden’s Art Gallery, Jill George Gallery, and Jonathan Clarke.

As the Fair unfolds, attendees can anticipate encountering a spectrum of artistic expressions, spanning sculpture, prints, paintings, photography, and ceramics, featuring the works of luminaries like Francis Bacon, Andy Warhol, Bridget Riley, and David Hockney.

Modern Art at the Forefront:

London Art Fair’s dedication to Modern art takes centre stage with the robust representation of some of the UK’s leading galleries. Alan Wheatley’s Art emerges as a notable contributor, showcasing Modern British paintings and sculptures from the latter half of the twentieth century. The focus will be on Post-War British art, spotlighting never-before-seen paintings by Alan Davie, a poignant tribute marking the tenth anniversary of the artist’s passing. Simultaneously, Christopher Kingzett Fine Art turns its lens to British art of the 1950s and 60s, presenting a bronze sculpture by Dame Elisabeth Frink, among other key pieces.

International Flair:

A key highlight of the London Art Fair 2024 is the global infusion brought by twelve international galleries. Common Sense Gallery takes the spotlight with a presentation uniting four female multimedia artists, including Caribbean talent Pauline Marcelle and London-based visionary Lauren Baker. Baker’s diverse portfolio ranges from figurative to still lives, abstract oil on canvas, and totem sculptures. On a parallel plane, Gallery B· R champions the artistic production of Spanish creators, featuring compelling works by Aythamy Armas and Jordi Alcaraz.

As the Fair unfolds against a global art panorama, the convergence of diverse voices and perspectives promises an immersive experience for art enthusiasts and collectors alike. The London Art Fair 2024 stands not just as an exhibition but as a testament to the vibrancy and richness of contemporary art on a global scale.


London Art Fair reflects contemporary practice and collecting trends within the art world through its critically acclaimed sections curated in collaboration with leading experts. 

Museum Partnership

 London Art Fair has partnered with Charleston for its annual Museum Partnership. Situated in the South Downs National Park, Charleston was the modernist home and studio of painters Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant and the regular meeting place of some of the 20th century’s most radical artists, writers and thinkers, known collectively as the Bloomsbury Group. It is where they came together to imagine society differently and has always been where art and experimental thinking are at the centre of everyday life. 

At the Fair, Charleston will present select works by Bloomsbury group artists, including Vanessa Bell’s portrait of Virginia Woolf, Duncan Grant’s fireplace screen and painting of the farmhouses at Charleston, as well as Omega ceramics from a private collection. 


Inspired by London Art Fair’s partnership with Charleston, the 2024 Platform section of the Fair brings together art that shines a light on queer love and life selected by guest curator Gemma Rolls-Bentley, whose group exhibition ‘Dreaming of Home’ is currently on view at Leslie Lohman Museum of Art in New York City. 

In the early 20th century, the historic house and artist studio became a queer space for members of the Bloomsbury Group, including Bell’s sister Virginia Woolf. The name of Platform’s 

the exhibition, A Million Candles, Illuminating Queer Love and Life, takes inspiration from a quote from Woolf’s 1928 novel Orlando, an imaginative biography of her lover and muse Vita Sackville-West, in which the protagonist changes sex from male to female. 

Rolls-Bentley brings together art from ten galleries that reflects the resilience, beauty and passion of queer love and life. Tin Man Art will present oil paintings by multidisciplinary artist Zach Toppin, who reimagines queer histories to construct new pathways of understanding while Brushes with Greatness Gallery will feature work by James Dearlove, whose paintings explore both the desire and the anxiety in the human experience through his own experience as a queer man and Soho Revue will focus on Nooka Shepherd’s tarot etchings. Meanwhile, Janet Rady Fine Art will present work from Bahraini artist and photographer Ghada Kunji’s Farida series, exploring her pain about others. 

Curator Gemma Rolls-Bentley said: “I’m delighted to be working with the London Art Fair to curate Platform 2024 in response to this year’s partnership with Charleston. I’m fascinated by the historic house and the stories of the creative community that thrived there. As a queer person, I find something extremely validating and nourishing about spending time in a place that’s so rich with LGBTQ+ history because our histories are so often erased or difficult to uncover. I’m taking an artist-led approach to curating the section of the fair, and I’m excited to present art that comes from a wide range of diverse perspectives as we illuminate queer love and life at a time when LGBTQ+ life is facing increasing challenges in the UK and globally.” 


Established to support emerging and international galleries, with participation in the section subsidised by the London Art Fair, Encounters returns to showcase the freshest contemporary art from across the globe, as well as more established galleries wishing to present new bodies of work by mid-career artists exploring new mediums or themes. Encounters act as a platform for these galleries to test the market before progressing into the leading Fair, which two have done this year. Cross Lane Projects will present Landscape of the Gods featuring paintings by artists Julian Cooper, Mark Fairnington, Alex Giles, Martin Greenland, Lee Maelzer, Bex Massey, Michael Petry, Alun Williams and Rebecca Scott, and April Contemporary will present On Being, gathering artists who question what it means to be human, how we live, and who we are as a society. Highlights include a presentation by Ricardo Fernandes that will exhibit three Brazilian artists – Juliana Sícoli, Lucia Adverse and Sylvia Morgado – and explore female resistance through the prism of art and the dynamic interplay between their respective works. 

Saul Hay Gallery will present a collection of paintings and sculptures where artists ask the viewer to reflect on how Brutalist and Modernist architecture has shaped not only our towns and cities but also our lives, featuring work by Harriet Mena Hill and Jen Orpin. Outside In, a charity that works with artists who face significant barriers to the art world (including health, disability, social circumstance, and isolation) will showcase an exhibition by Director Marc Steene featuring artists the charity supports, including Rakibul Chowdhury and Victoria Bowman. 

Curator Pryle Behrman says: “This year, Encounters expands on how an ‘encounter’ can refer to an unexpected meeting, perhaps one that leads to discovering an unknown artist or an unexpected style or subject from a well-known artist. The gallery presentations in Encounters show an exciting diversity in artistic approach, theme and geographic origin, drawing on practices and narratives that remain underrepresented in mainstream art discourse.” 


Photo50 is the Fair’s critical forum for examining distinctive elements of current photographic practice. For 2024, Photo50 will be curated by Revolv Collective, presenting works by artists such as Joshua Bilton and Hannah Fletcher, exploring the subject of labour and its diverse representation within the context of the land and looking at practices expanding the possibilities of photography. Grafting: The Land and the Artist will feature the work of eleven artists and a duo, some of whom will show works created especially for the exhibition, to look at land as a site of work, resistance, action, co-dependence, regeneration and communion. 

Prints and Editions section 

For the first time at this year’s edition of the London Art Fair, the Fair is introducing a new Prints and Editions section featuring galleries whose displays focus on limited editions. The section aims to nurture collectors who want to grow their collections in years to come and will feature prints from both emerging and household names in printmaking. Featured galleries include Enitharmon Editions, the exclusive publisher of Caroline Walker’s lithographs, which focus on women’s everyday lives. Alongside her new suite of four lithographs will be featured artists’ books, which are in the tradition of the livre d’artiste, containing loose-leaf signed limited edition prints, etchings and photogravures by artists such as Sonia Boyce, 

Anthony Gormley and David Hockney. The section will accompany a curated series of events, including printmaking workshops and ‘Meet the Artist’ events. 


London Art Fair will return to London for its 36th edition in 2024. It is recognised as a platform for connecting the best galleries worldwide with seasoned and aspiring collectors, providing a unique opportunity to discover and champion outstanding modern and contemporary art. 

The Fair seeks to nurture collecting at all levels whilst providing expert insight into the changing international market. Sitting alongside the leading Fair, curated sections Encounters and Photo50 feature the next generation of artists, collectives and gallerists, showcasing increasingly innovative and interactive ways to engage with art. The Fair’s strong gallery lineup is also complemented by an extensive programme of engaging talks, panel discussions, interactive performance art, and onsite activations from the Fair’s partners. 

Taking place from 17-21 January 2024 (VIP Preview 16 January), the London Art Fair is an unmissable opening to the international art calendar. 


Charleston is a place that brings people together to engage with art and ideas. The modernist home and studio of the painters Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant, Charleston, was a gathering point for some of the 20th century’s most radical artists, writers and thinkers known collectively as the Bloomsbury group. It is where they came together to imagine society differently and has always been where art and experimental thinking are at the centre of everyday life. Today, we present a dynamic year-round programme of exhibitions, events and festivals. We believe in the power of art, in all its forms, to provoke new ways of thinking and living. 


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LONDON ART FAIR – 17-21 January 2024 (VIP Preview 16 January) Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, Islington, London, N1 0QH Full ticket types and prices at For the latest news, follow @LondonArtFair on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (#LAF24) 

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