Montblanc X Philip Colbert Pop-Up Announced

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A travel-themed pop-up sponsored by Montblanc in collaboration with the London contemporary artist, Philip Colbert opens between 15 – 20 October at 47 Brushfield Street, Spitalfields Market.

The pop-up and trolleys act as vehicles to transport visitors to my personal art world – PC

To mark the occasion, Philip Colbert has customised 49 black cabin-size #MY4810 trolleys with a painted limited- edition logo design. Colbert’s tailored #MY4810 trolleys will be constructed to form one monumental wall in the store. In addition, an army of Colbert’s mini Lobster sculptures, a live screening of the artist’s film The Year of the Lobster and vibrant bespoke window displays, will see 47 Brushfield Street transformed into the artist’s distinctive hyper-pop ‘In Transit’ lobster world.

Montblanc X Philip Colbert Pop-Up
Montblanc X Philip Colbert Pop-Up

At the pop-up, customers will be able to experience Montblanc’s diversified travel offer and will be able to purchase the limited edition #MYPC4810 trolley as well as the Extreme 2.0 line of fine leather goods and the Summit 2 line, Montblanc’s digital interpretation of fine watchmaking. The pop-up marks Montblanc’s first encounter with cutting-edge East London and its young, dynamic communities, the initiative follows naturally from the company’s long tradition of supporting arts and culture internationally since 1992.

Lynn Serfaty, Managing Director, Montblanc British Isles, states: “Montblanc is excited to embark on this creative journey with our #MY4810 luggage collection. An ultimate symbol of urban mobility, there is no better place to celebrate this new range than in East London and I’m really pleased we have been able to collaborate with such an innovative artist as Philip Colbert. This project touches on our deep involvement with arts and culture as a whole alongside showing the world the breadth of our craftsmanship in other areas of life alongside writing. I can’t wait to see visitors immerse themselves in the exploration of this new Montblanc pop-art-world.”

Colbert’s dedication to adapting art for the contemporary era echoes Montblanc’s own desire to innovate and engage with new audiences, all the while staying true to its fundamental values. Nicknamed ‘Andy Warhol’s godson’ by André Leon Talley, Colbert infuses a neon pop aesthetic with the symbolism and complexity of Old Masters paintings – calling to mind the surreal world of Hieronymus Bosch. With work that constantly tests the boundaries between art and design, Colbert is a perfect choice for Montblanc’s venture beyond the usual expectations within the luxury brand market, producing a truly unique, fresh and unexpected product.

Philip Colbert comments, “the pop-up and trolleys act as vehicles to transport visitors to my personal art world: this cartoon reality of Lobster Land, where my alter ego resides. This is the core to my interactive, multi- disciplinary practice. I want to make people feel that, when they are surrounded by art, they have the power to achieve anything.”

Montblanc’s travel collection exemplifies the Maison’s pioneering ethos and stylish aesthetic. The #MY4810 Montblanc Nightflight Trolley collection – caters to global jetsetters inspired with a yearning to discover the world – boasts sleek and lightweight designs without compromising the quality and reliability, for which the Maison is globally renowned. Montblanc Extreme 2.0 is the latest iteration of a collection built for the pace of urban life with a technical look pairing leather with a carbon fibre print motif, ideal high-performance companions for those who always go a step further in their pursuit of their goals.

Founded in 1992, the Hamburg-based Montblanc Cultural Foundation has supported over 170 artists through commissions and celebrated nearly 300 patrons in 17 countries through its Montblanc de la Culture Arts Patronage Award. The Montblanc Art Collection has commissioned over 210 artworks by leading international artists including Gary Hume, Fang Lijun, and Sylvie Fleury.

Philip Colbert lives and works in London. Colbert is best known for his iconic alter ego of the cartoon lobster and his unique art universe of Lobster Land. Deeply entwined with pop theory, Colbert works across the mediums of painting, sculpture, clothing, furniture and design. These works contribute to the dialogue established by artists such as Richard Hamilton, James Rosenquist and Roy Lichtenstein. Colbert’s paintings bring together old master influences from Reubens to Van Dyck and his obsession with contemporary consumer imagery and the saturation of digital media.

Colbert presented his first large-scale exhibition in 2017 at Saatchi Gallery, titled NEW PAINTINGS. Since then, he has exhibited in solo shows at Unit London gallery (2018) and Whitestone Gallery in Hong Kong (2019). Select museum exhibitions include The World Goes Pop at Tate Modern, London and Wavelength at Powerlong Museum, Shanghai. Colbert’s latest solo museum exhibition, Lobster Land, is on view at the Multimedia Art Museum Moscow from 18 September to 17 November 2019.

Reconnect with the World: Montblanc Presents ‘In Transit’ a Collaboration with Contemporary Artist Philip ColbertPhilip Colbert opens between 15 – 20 October at 47 Brushfield Street, Spitalfields Market.

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