Rundgång The Next Generation Of Young Artists – Royal Institute of Art Stockholm 

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For years Rundgång at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm has been an annual summit of the next generation of young artists forging their artistic careers at the most prestigious Nordic art school. Throwing the doors wide open once again to all curious on 12–13 November, the 2021 edition is promising to be more all-encompassing than ever. 

Over the past years the institute has attracted a range of notable artists

Visitors to the arty island of Skeppsholmen – shared with Moderna Museet and others in the centre of Stockholm – are invited to dive deep into a dazzling array of artistic expressions and practices, including the launch of the institute’s cutting edge Listening Room, performance pieces from both the departments of Fine Arts and Research, a surprise intervention marking the inauguration of new location Valvet, alongside workshops, happenings, panel discussions, surrounding and interacting with the vast range of works on show by more than 80 participating students.

Rundgång’s (a Swedish version of German ‘going-round’) seductive suggestion is that it allows for a most intimate glance behind the scenes of artistry in the making. In an intensive burst of sampling expressions, ideas, concepts, colours, shapes and sounds, the door to ateliers, studios and exhibition spaces across the island are being flung wide open by students, artists, and researchers alike.

Rundgång The Next Generation Of Young Artists - Royal Institute of Art Stockholm 
Rundgång The Next Generation Of Young Artists – Royal Institute of Art Stockholm

Over the past years the institute has attracted a range of notable artists to add to their list of outstanding teachers, including Ming Wong, Johanna Gustafsson Fürst and Natasha Marie Llorens. The impact on this year’s Rundgång can be felt immediately with a wide-ranging programme that takes the integration of research and artistic practice to a whole new level.

On Friday 12 November Rundgång commences with a bake-off intervention by Malin Arnedotter Bengtsson at House 28 behind the Royal Institute of Art, followed by Moa E Cedercrona’s work Conversation with a Parrot on the checkered floors space. Vice-Chancellor Sara Arrhenius’ introductory talk will then lead to a performance in two acts by Stella Dieden Richter in the sculpture model space, and finally a presentation of “Wearing out Aron Fogelström” in the central exhibition space Mellanrummet.

Ready for launch will furthermore be the whole new Listening Room, a 17.4 speaker dome in a purpose-built room for listening closely to music and sound. The room itself is an instrument which makes detailed work with specialization possible and considered one of the technologically most refined audio-domes in Europe.

A surprise performance by a group of Ming Wong’s students has been announced for Friday night, inaugurating the Royal Institute of Art’s new Valvet space underneath the historic main building. Taking the cue from Wong’s department of performance in the expanded field, the group of students devise performances that together strive for a unified artistic voice that communicates a generational shift in the sensibilities of male friendship, global responsibility, and cross-cultural solidarity. Following the sneak preview at Rundgång, Ming Wong and his student group are then set to perform at the MediaCity Biennale in South Korea.

Saturday will be a chance to freely roam and make use of the countless possibilities to discover and interact with exhibitions, private studios and common spaces across the small island. On the research side, Alessandro Petti’s post-master course with Marie-Louise Richards will contribute with a panel discussion about Decolonizing Architecture, as well as a range of exhibits by participating students in the performance room. Emanuel Almborg will present findings from his recent dissertation on a Pedagogy of the Utopian Image in Contemporary Art and Film. Should you be tired from an intense two-day artistic smörgåsbord, do not miss out on the sound piece by Alice Pontiggia, to be installed in a massage stool in the library.

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