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Tricia Gillman,Benjamin Rhodes Art

Tricia Gillman and Benjamin Rhodes have a historic exhibiting partnership with Gillman, having exhibited with Benjamin Rhodes through the late 1980s and early 1990s. Tricia Gillman Moment Fields: 2019-2023 will open at Benjamin Rhodes Arts on 9 February, the gallerist’s latest solo venture. The show follows Gillman’s participation in regular solo and group shows across the UK.

In the exhibition, Gillman continues her exploration of recording the moment-to-moment experience of thinking, sensing, feeling and remembering while documenting as directly as possible the viewer’s conscious awareness as each present moment emerges, focuses and melts away. Through her chosen materials of graphite, charcoal, pastel and collage, she creates layers that evolve through touch, scribble, dustings of pigment, words, images and erasures that construct and deconstruct the canvas.

Gillman says of her work, “The space of the painting becomes a mapping site, the raw canvas accrues evidence, like the way a tablecloth, a sheet, or a wall collects stains or the skin we live in rides its years……..Materials and processes are chosen to set up a kind butterfly net that scoops up the passing moment as directly and openly as possible….”

Closing his 2011 essay for Gillman’s 30-year Retrospective Stepping Stones, the late art critic Mel Gooding writes of ‘Time and memory, space and sensation, what has been and what is here present; culture and nature; inner world and outward reality: all contract, in a simultaneity of sensation and reflection, to the span of a single canvas! Painting enacts the vertiginous reality of consciousness.’

Tricia Gillman (born 1951) is a British artist known for her brightly coloured abstract paintings. Gillman was born in Johannesburg and studied at the University of Leeds from 1970 to 1974 and at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne between 1975 and 1977. She had her first solo exhibition in 1978 at the Parkinson Gallery in Leeds. Subsequent solo exhibitions took place at the Arnolfini in Bristol in 1985 and later at the Benjamin Rhodes Gallery in London and at the Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle. Gillman took part in a number of group shows in Liverpool starting in 1982, was represented in the Forces of Nature exhibition at Manchester City Art Gallery in 1990 and was part of a British Council exhibition that toured eastern Europe in 1990.

Gillman’s work is included in the UK Government Art Collection, the New Hall Art Collection, the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum and the Victoria Gallery & Museum. She recently featured in the John Moores Prize 2020, the Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize 2020 & the Derwent Art Prize 2022.

Tricia Gillman: Moment Fields 2019-2023, Benjamin Rhodes Arts, 62 Old Nichol Street, London E2 7HP
9 February – 1 April 2023 (opens Wednesday 8 February 6 – 8 pm, then Wed-Sat 12-6)

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