Greetings Earthlings: Reflections From The Artists Earth Star – Review

“Ascending With Our Earth Star”, an art event which opened on 21 December 2012, is an exhibition incorporating a mixture of performance and visual art combined with the healing arts. The 21st of December is a date which the Mayans predicted would bring in a new Earth phase and welcome an expansion of human consciousness. ‘Ascending with Our Earth Star’ reflected that shift by the varying nature of the experience, in a harmonious, light, fun and balanced way.

Ilumumina, were the key note performers, they held space by singing chants and a chant bespoke to the evening channeled by Evelyn Burt to create an uplifting and spiritual experience that demonstrated a global understanding of spirituality, mantra and script. The evening showed a dynamic understanding of culture with channellings from Merlin, Valerie Stoner and psychic healing from Amanda McGregor.

Guests were invited to engage and to also participate through an open mic, engaging with singing, performers, art works and a body painter. The space chosen for the event was a building steeped in history, St. Katharine’s Parmoor, Frieth, Oxfordshire. The ex-convent building is owned by the Sue Ryder trust and is there for peaceful activity. The grounds and stately home create an idyllic and spacious environment that is adaptable for running exhibitions.

The visual artists whom contributed where Annalisa Cattani, Anne Mortensen, C.J. Holding and Amanda McGregor.

Anne Mortensen says, ‘As an artist contributor, I was involved with some of the behind the scenes workings of the event which was organised, curated and managed by Amanda McGregor. It promised to be an interesting and new approach. Never having exhibited in such a historical space before, care in hanging and placement had to be taken and it required a furthering of my creativity to install. Once my work was up, I was able to enjoy socialising with the guests. The experience gave something back to me in energy. I didn’t want it to end. In summary, the event was a living installation representative of the significance of the 21st of December.’

Annalisa Cattani says, ‘The experience was an important occasion to create a space of sharing, relational works melted together with the participatory attitude of the audience, they engaged in creating a moment of awakening through ‘sensations’ and experiences whilst facing everyday anesthesia. These art practices go beyond pure practice and theory, reaching the form of rituals, redefining those rituals whilst exploring the values they contain, which then feeds back to give a perspective in to purpose and value of action and activity.’

Amanda McGregor says, ‘By putting together, ‘Ascending with our Earth Star’ I was answering a selfish call in an exhibition that could combine values of union, aliveness, warmth, openness, uplift, sophisticated creativity and integrity in art. I have often been to galleries and although looking at many fascinating and unique artworks I have felt a sense of emptiness, often this had been repeated in private viewings and relationships with gallerists. I felt the need to address these points by sharing the benefits of providing a space to create and share heart warming relationships whilst working with creative, spiritual, philosophical and emotional intelligence as a central essence of creative expression. I was touched by how the evening led us to a beautiful position of uplift and enlightenment, giving an experience of flight in freedom of spirit. The month long exhibition went on to hold space in a way that allowed viewers to anchor with the memories of the experience and touch base with themselves.’

Anne Mortensen’s photographic work of dancers in empty, bland spaces portrayed a landscape feel that reflected the emptiness of Iceland. Her photographs of Iceland were taken in Iceland when the globe was in the height of economic shift in 2012, they referenced a need to shift consciousness in to allowing light and warmth in to an often ‘cold’ world’. The combination of photographic work showed movement, time and space in light, open spaces, leading the viewer towards a sense of sublime beauty in abstraction and divine light.

Italian artist, Annalisa Cattani’s work was placed in the library, the script ‘Battito’ was embroidered repeatedly on a white fabric with red letters, meaning ‘heart beat’, below she placed a chair with an invitation to sit and place a helmet on one’s head, the helmet was a multi geared head massager. The audience participant, could relax in to the memory of when time stood still for them, so that they reconnected to their heart and to feel the magnified sensation of being alive.

C.J. Holding exhibited ‘Angel’ a large photograph of an angel that was a crystal cloud formation, the works placement created a significant symbolic anchor in hope and journey.

Ascending with our Earth Star, is held at St Katherine’s Parmoor from 21.12.12 to 21.01.13 by appointment.

The Visual Artists – Anne Mortensen, Annalisa Cattani, C.J. Holding, Amanda McGregor.
Key Note Performers – Illumina; Anaam Zen and Lila Anamika.
Earth Star Chant – Evelyn Burt
Body Painter and Make-up Artist – Clare Read.
Merlin – Valerie Stoner
Psychic Healing – Amanda McGregor
Chakra – Shira Bassi
Energy Healing – Amy Shallon
Singer Songwriters, leading open mic; Tim Balmford and Astrid Brook
The exhibition was curated by Amanda McGregor.

Article contributions were made by Anne Mortensen, Annalisa Cattani and Amanda McGregor.

 Photo by Annalisa Cattani, ‘Battito’ Heart Beat.

Earth Star 21.12.12 –  21 December 2012 – 21 January 2013 St Katharine’s Parmoor Frieth RG9 6NN


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