Kimatica Studio – Transcendence A multi-sensory journey through the subconscious – Simon Tarrant

Kimatica Studio

My first experience of performance artists Kimatica was when they won the 2014 Winter Pride Performance Art Awards, for a mesmerising dance and site-mapping spectacle at Tobacco Dock.

Since then Kimatica has blossomed into a thriving Studio of dancers and performance artists, which culminated in their recent debut production Transcendence at the Watermans Arts Centre in West London.

With its team of psychologists, technologists, digital performance artists and audio-visual designers, Kimatica Studio is unique – an interdisciplinary enterprise that approaches uncharted terrain in both science and performance.

Upon arrival, guests were greeted by ghostly shrouded figures offering silver platters of chocolate buttons, a 21st-century vision of the Holy Eucharist. Exploring ancient rituals and motifs of life and death Transcendence combined multidisciplinary live performance art with interactive technology, to induce an altered state of consciousness.

Inspired by the limits of human consciousness, while examining the power of ancient spiritual practices, Kimatica took its audience on an immersive journey. Manipulating perception through the combination of interactive lighting, visuals and sound design, Transcendence celebrated the intersection between the human body and physical performance. Literally entering the subconscious mind, Kimatica utilised live vocals, character design and digital technology, to transfix its congregation into a deep meditative state.

In an age that has become cynical of religion and religious practice, Kimatica Studio’s Transcendence was a rejuvenating and exhilarating experience, highlighting how little yet how far the human species has evolved.

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