Marina Abramovic: A Clairvoyant’s Perspective Uncovers Density And Connection

Marina Abramovic

Marina Abramovic demands a certain sensitivity in engagement, she works with spiritual intelligence, a landscape of thought that operates through our senses rather than an academic portfolio of images and discussion.

Entering the exhibition invited an experience that was unique to the world of energy, presence, healing, consciousness, creativity and transformation. I am someone that works ‘creatively with consciousness’ and in these fields, I work as a conduit for God or universal consciousness to allow healing, creativity and communion. I was excited to see how I related and found a sense of engagement with the exhibition.

On walking in to the exhibition I was touched by the intensity of the energy, it was a different frequency that I was used to working with as I felt the density of Marina Abramovic’s connection with the Creation and Universal consciousness, it was a beautiful energy that had its own architecture and consciousness.

I am clairvoyant, so will share from this perspective. When standing in the middle room, I felt an allowance of the possession of the energy, closing my eyes I let myself be taken in to a trance like state that enabled me to be taken by the energy, giving myself over to the environment, the catalysts in the environment and God. I was touched how there was a sense of clearing, a sense of being instructed to ignore all the other people in the room and with my clairvoyant vision i saw one girl, standing on the centre platform, from then on, I was in the architecture of Abramovic’s environment. There was a spiral of energy, going up through the building to the lights of the central point, the ceiling, a sense of sacred space or journey.

A lady came over and led me to the platform, here she placed her hand on my heart. Her energy was not quite strong enough to bring an intense flow but it catalysed me to connect in to the frequencies I work with, recently through communion with God and Jesus I  have been presented with a diamond heart energy vibration in which I enjoy sharing with those that want the experience and healing, I allowed the clear, peaceful energies to run through me, to reconnect with the familiar God energy that enlightens and strengthens, as time went on, I felt moved by the energy, as it strengthened my spine and opened me up to act as a conduit in to the room. I felt I engaged with the spiral of the inner energetic architecture and felt the beautiful diamond light create a flow, at the end I felt God’s presence, my head lifted to the light above.

I allowed the God presence and energy to instruct my movement, giving over and surrendering to God’s will, every step was moved, by the catalysts of universal consciousness, God’s will, I found myself in a considered space, a healing space and a space without corruption or interference. ‘We’ as a collective were present and in communion.

The element of communion in light was an inner search I was recognising, here, I was watching Marina Abramovic, in the gallery holding hands with an attendee as they slowly paced forwards, taking time, feeling the sense of energy and consideration, allowing the senses to be saturated by the God love around. I felt a compassion, towards Marina Abramovic, I wanted to go and give her energetic healing and share an experience in the communion of energy but this was my will, I was not moved energetically to take this position.

So I was energetically led to the room with the camp beds and in time invited to lie down, here I went in to a deep meditation, I noticed how calm I was without the push and pull of others, those that normally pull on my energy during the day were released from me, I was given some time with my presence as an individual without any other tensions or wants from the external world. I was given a sense of allowance and found myself pushing out my emotional boundaries, giving myself the right to have more clear space with out the engagement of others in these ways.

As my meditation took effect I realised myself as a labyrinth, a feeling connected to my sexuality, my journey of life, my heart and my creative expression. I could see the image and symbol of the labyrinth all over my being, repeating itself from my head to my feet. At this point I felt a sense of resolution, of knowing, of arrival at a place in destiny that was finite but infinite and eternal, in the way I trusted my intuition to allow me to be led with inner vision, often blind in human terms to the sense of the day, or to my unfolding. I was aligned to my inner understanding of peace.

So I rose, and re-entered the central room, feeling a little giddy as to the intensity of the trance like state I had been in. I stood still waiting for the energy to restrengthen me, then when I was more present, a woman came over and took my hand, she led me to the platform, we formed a circle, the circle of life, holding hands, peacefully and gently, without a need for thought or experience, the energy simply was, circular and eternal. The gallerist very gently and slowly left me, but for me I was resolved, I was touched by the sense of spirit in the gallery, a sense of fullness and satisfaction.

At the Serpentine Gallery I felt a sense of coming home, I walked down to the Serpentine River and acknowledged the serpent and the catalyst of the serpent to enter the labyrinth. This acted as analogy of never being lost of always being conscious, of knowing everything we do is so purposeful and intentional. The journey of life is simply a question of trusting our consciousness and sense of communion to guide.

Thank you Marina Abramovic for giving a space for us to receive from our communion with each other and the Creator, the flow of spirit that inspires and loves and gives us all so much in presence, this gift is really a life changing moment, diamond heart love.

Amanda McGregor is an Artist, Writer and Clairvoyant. She splits her time between London and Italy.

Words: Amanda McGregor  Image – Amanda McGregor – ‘Labyrinth’, Bluebird Resistance at Novella Guerra, Imola, Italy curator Annalisa Cattani – 6 May 2012 © Artlyst 2014