Sao Paulo Exhibition Roundup By Artlyst’s Brazil Corespondent Douglas Negrisolli

Sao Paulo

Mauricio Parra celebrates painting at Mezanino Gallery

The artist Mauricio Parra presents an exhibition titled “Old Place, New Landscapes,” from June 15, at the Mezanino Gallery in São Paulo. It includes a series of studies carried out in oil on linen, and is work that has been developed in the last year and a half, utilising scenes and objects from his studio.

Previously working with notes in notebooks, which he turns into paintings, Parra moved a little focus to the realisation of this series, walking with easel through space in search of scenes, objects and light variations. His painting is based on elementary action, the exercise of the colors, tonal composition, formal and linear.

Sao Paulo Exhibition Roundup By Artlyst's Brazil Corespondent Douglas Negrisolli

“My painting comes from the observation of reality, but it does not have anything but the starting point,” reflects Parra, who performs his second individual on the Mezanino Gallery, and has participated in exhibitions in Brazil, Argentina, Portugal and Romania. Next July, part of a residence and workshop in Denmark.

In 2012 he participated as guest artist of the International Print Biennial of Alijo, in Portugal, in the same year held his first solo exhibition of paintings “Landscapes Table” in the Mezanino Gallery, which becomes part of the group of artists space.

Sao Paulo Exhibition Roundup By Artlyst's Brazil Corespondent Douglas Negrisolli
Colombian artist Alberto Baraya shows expedition results in Brazilian gallery

Galeria Nara Roesler is presenting (June 22) the solo exhibition of Colombian artist, Alberto Baraya with works resulting from his expeditions to New Zealand, China (Shanghai), Colombia (Teyuna), Australia and Peru (Machu Picchu), between 2009 and 2013, the exhibition takes a look back on the relationships that the artist-traveler set with different local contexts that had contact.

He will be presenting artworks such as Herbario de plantas artificialess [artificial plants Herbarium] that according Baraya, “is in development for a long time.” Artist obsessively catalogs – and with scientific rigor – artificial plants found in each of the countries visited, questioning the scientific rationality. These new taxonomies adds a subjective components, discuss identities and incorporate waste products from the market.

In Expedición Teyuna [Teyuna Expedictions], design previously selected for Curatorial Laboratory of SP-Arte (most important art fair in Brazil), local people were invited to pose with artificial reproductions of the native flora of Teyuna, the Lost City of Colombia. Market issues, often mentioned in the work of cataloging Baraya, are especially important in the history of Teyuna. Discovered by looters in 1972, the city became known to anthropologists and archaeologists only in 1976, when gold figurines and ceramic urns began to appear in the local black market.

An offshoot of the installation La fable de los pájaros [The flabe of birds], presented at the Biennial of Cuenca, Ecuador, gathers stuffed birds, typical of Latin America, leading the viewer to different ways of contemplation of landscapes subsidiaries: the landscape of dissected and stuffed birds as a scientific instrument and its relationship to the landscape of the whole Bolivarian their natural habitat.

French photographer Laurent Chéhère opens new exhibition in São Paulo

LUME Gallery will open a solo exhibition of the photographer French Laurent Chéhère, showing 11 photographic compositions presenting a dreamlike Paris scenes and representations of melancholy, through images of buildings in the French capital in suspension in the sky.

The idea behind the series “Flying Houses” came in 2008, during the artist’s travels to Belleville and Ménilmontant, neighborhoods located in the northeast of Paris. “My interest is to show the lives of these people and their homes. This part of town is very poor and every square meter it is possible to explore a rich cultural diversity, ” said the artist.

Sao Paulo Exhibition Roundup By Artlyst's Brazil Corespondent Douglas Negrisolli

Laurent Chéhère displays a forgotten side of the City of Light, bringing these houses and other spaces in these regions abandoned in an attempt to reach the attention to the situation where these places are. While Albert Lamorisse’s film has a happy ending, the conclusion of the narrative proposed by the artist remains suspended, as the construction of his works. The exhibition opens 23 may and close 30 june. All entrance is free.

Words: Douglas Negrisolli Top Photo: Laurent Chéhère

Laurent Chéhère – Galeria LUME  until 30 June –
Rua Joaquim Floriano, 711 – 2º andar – Itaim Bibi – São Paulo, Brazil.
Alberto Baraya June 24 to July 27, 2013 Nara Roesler Gallery
Avenida Europa, 655 – São Paulo, Brazil

Mauricio Parra: Old place, new landscapes June 15, 2013 (Saturday) -Until July 20, 2013 Tuesday to Friday from 14h to 20h and Saturday from 11h to 18h
Local: Mezanino Gallery Rua da Glória, 279 – São Paulo, Brazil