Thiago Toes presents unprecedented exhibition in Sao Paulo neighborhood

Thiago Toes

Recognised beyond Brazil for the quality of his works, the artist will now present his work in his hometown.

The visual artist Thiago Toes, 27, opens his exhibition entitled “Celeste” (Celestial) on 1st November at OMA Gallery, in São Bernardo do Campo (São Paulo/Brazil). Curated by Douglas Negrisolli, the exhibit features nine new works (six paintings and three sculptures), “It´s an invitation to walk trough the particular universe from Thiago Toes and fell how singular is the relation between his job, himself and the universe” said the curator. The visit is free and stays until December 20.

Thiago Toes has worked with big names in street art, as OSGEMEOS and Nina Pandolfo, and had work exhibited in other famous world cities like Miami and Cologne, Germany. “There is a huge expectation for this exhibit, his work has joint at some good particular collections in Sao Paulo” says Thomaz Pacheco, responsible for the gallery. Next year, Toes already has a full schedule, including an exhibition in San Francisco, US.

OMA Gallery Rua Carlos Gomes, 69 – Centro – São Bernardo do Campo
ends 20 December

Words: Douglas Negrisolli / Photos: courtesy of gallery