Three Summer Shows in New York’s Chelsea You Shouldn’t Miss

Summer art exhibitions

There are many wonderful summer shows up right now in Chelsea, from group shows to solo exhibitions, sculpture to painting to mixed media; you certainly get a little taste of everything. While I enjoyed many exhibitions, there are three that left a strong impression on me: Annie Pearlman/Adrianne Rubenstein/Alyson Vega at White Columns, Skins: Body as Matter and Process at Garth Greenan Gallery and Intimisms at James Cohan Gallery.

White Columns: Annie Pearlman/Adrianne Rubenstein/Alyson Vega (Top photo Annie PearlmanAnnie Pearlman, Installation View, White Columns, NYC. 

White Columns currently is exhibiting three wonderful female emerging artists: Annie Pearlman, Adrianne Rubenstein, and Alyson Vega. Each artist is in a separate gallery in the space, technically each having a solo exhibition in their respective rooms. The eeriness of Annie Pearlman’s paintings is breathtaking. Her twisted perspective and color scheme reminiscent of early Matisse make her paintings a truly unique experience. Adrianne Rubenstein’s work, a very different experience, is equally captivating. The vibrant colors, rough brush strokes, and mix of abstraction and figuration makes Rubenstein’s work very strong. My personal favorite is her painting of flowers- the cool of the blue background dancing in the roughness with the warm red and pink flowers. Lastly, Alyson Vega’s sewn quilts are quite impressive. A medium we don’t see as often, Vega almost seems to combine aspects of painting and sculpture in her works; she isn’t confined by the medium she chooses to work in. Open until 16 July, the exhibitions at White Columns should not be missed.

Adrianne Rubenstein, Installation View, White Columns, NYC.

Garth Greenan Gallery

Skins: Body as Matter and Process

Curator Alison Dillulio’s Skins: Body as Matter and Process discusses the 1970’s second wave feminism, in which artists challenged the patriarchal paradigms in art . With works by Lynda Benglis, Mary Beth Edelson, Harmony Hammond, Ralph Humphrey, Kiki Kogelnik, Howardena Pindell, Zilia Sánchez, Joan Semmel, Richard Van Buren, and Hannah Wilke, the show is diverse in medium and style. Many of the works consist of the representation of the body (mainly the female body)- a rebellious subject to make the epicenter of one’s work at the time. The works are sensual- a warm and almost erotic air palpable throughout the space. Yet at the same time, you can feel the groundbreaking nature; the artists decision to change art through material, subject matter, color scheme, and process. My personal favorites are Kiki Kogelnik’s Untitled (Hanging) and Zilia Sánchez’s Troyanas, poliptico but the exhibition is full of strong works. Open until 29 July, Skins: Body as Matter and Process is a very important show to see this summer.


Joan Semmel, Red, White, and Blue, 1973, Oil on canvas, Garth Greenan, NYC.

James Cohan Gallery


Intimisms, a large group show at James Cohan’s Chelsea space, is definitely worth the visit. A well balanced mix of emerging and established artists, the show is based off the influence of the 20th century Intimists, like Vuillard and Bonnard. The intimists produced “intimate” portraits of friends and family in their moments of private solitude. Often set in vibrant backgrounds, these portraits allowed us to peek into the secretive lives of these artist’s loved ones. From Lucien Frued to Alice Neel to emerging artists such as Hope Gangloff and Bejamin Degen, the exhibition consists of different examples of these intimate moments. Open until 29 July, the vibrancy of color and exciting mix of artists makes it the perfect summer exhibition. 

Benjamin Degen, The City Rising, 2016, Oil paint and spray enamel on linen over panel, 42 x 60 inches, James Cohan Gallery, NYC. 


Words: Gracie Brahimy © Artlyst 2016 Top Photo: Annie Pearlman


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