Art In The Age of Now

Art in the Age of Now

Historic London building Fulham Town Hall will open its doors for the first time in a decade as it plays host to Art in the Age of Now, a group exhibition that brings together contemporary art, live music, talks and performance art.


Assembly Rooms: Charlotte Colbert ‘Mastectomy Mameria’

Ground Floor: Conrad Shawcross ‘Slow Arc Inside a Cube’

Grand Hall: Ben Moore ‘Los Hengeles’

Ballroom: Joe Rush ‘Theatre of Waste’

Ground floor: Nasser Azam, Patrick Boyd, Leila Bartell, Ricardo Cinalli, Ariadna Dane, Tim Gatenby, Eliot Haigh, Sam Haggerty, Andrew Hancock, Liam Hayhow, Ru Knox, Anna Kenneally, Thomas Lumley, Peter Mammes, Rachel Megawhat, Chris Moon, Nick Reynolds, Jeff Robb, Ernesto Romano, Schoony, James Vaulkhard, Elena Cecchinato, Gordon McHarg, Rory Rae, Ed Hicks, Tommy Fiendish, Jack Hanson, Hugo Dalton, Adda Soto, Louise Hall, One Slut Riot, Annalisa Mandia, William GC Brown, and Jeremy Wolf.

Project Spaces: MC Llamas – The Women’s Rooms, Gaz’s Rock n Blues, KCAW and Louise Hall, Art Wars, Stations of the Cross, One Small Step, Missing People Portrait Project, Subway Gallery, Big Issue Guitar Project, Wresting Demons, Queen Themed, Litehouse Gallery.

Talks Programme: John-Paul Pryor, Terence Rodrigues

Musical Performances: Gaz Mayall, Katya DJ

The Vaults: Angry Dan, Ben Eine, Catman, Lucie Flynn, FORCE, Paul Insect, LUAP, Jack Laver, Dotmasters, Gary Mansfield, NERONE, REZ, SPORE, Oliver Switch, Teach, UNVRSL NMD, Webbo, and Paul Don Smith.

Duration 18 May 2021 - 20 May 2021
Times 18 May 6-9pm, 20 May 6-9pm
Cost Free
Venue Fulham Town Hall
Address 553-561 Fulham Road, London, SW6 1EX, ,
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