Callum Innes: Keeping Time

Callum Innes Frith Street Gallery

An exhibition of paintings and works on paper by Callum Innes. The exhibition will present a survey of the artist’s work from his first exhibition at Frith Street Gallery until present. It also marks the gallery’s 30th anniversary.

Callum Innes’ paintings explore the possibilities of paint on canvas. Uninhibited by, yet very aware of, the achievements of the past and the rise of other media, Innes uses the language of the monochrome, an established format of abstract painting since the 1960s. His paintings are created through a process of addition and subtraction, sometimes removing sections of paint from the canvas’s surface with turpentine to leave only the faintest traces of what was there before. Using this method of erasure he has established his own vocabulary in the form of distinctive groups of paintings, examples of which are shown here.

Innes works in gradually evolving cycles with each new painting building on those that have gone before in a subtle but constant progression. Innes has probably become best known for his Exposed Paintings series, though his concern for the processes of painting and un-painting is shared by his Agitated Verticals, Resonance, Isolated Forms, and Monologue works. The play between additive and subtractive processes means that the potential for uncertainty is ever present within a rigorous visual language.

Keeping Time offers a rare opportunity to consider the development of Innes’ practice across a significant period of time. It will include works from the series mentioned above, as well as from Formed Paintings, Repetition, and Cento.

Duration 24 May 2019 - 27 July 2019
Times Tuesday–Friday 10am–6pm Saturday 11am–5pm
Cost Free
Venue Frith Street Gallery
Address 17-18 Golden Square, London, W1F 9JJ
Contact 020 7494 1550 / /