Cory Arcangel: Totally Fucked

Cory Arcangel, Lisson Gallery

Totally Fucked (2003) is the focus of Lisson Gallery’s second show at 22 Cork Street. This historic work by Cory Arcangel is an infinite loop where the famed figure, Super Mario, is stuck on a block in a sea of blue pixels. This rarely-seen artwork is a video generated by a Nintendo Entertainment System playing a Super Mario Bros. cartridge which has been hacked by Arcangel.

Viewable from the street, as well as downloadable as a ROM file from the artist’s website & Github account, Totally Fucked is a commentary on our obsession with technology and the absurdity of our expectation of it to enhance our lives. Like many of Arcangel’s works, the game is modified so that the character is destined to fail – the resulting animation emits a sense of persistent, infinite frustration, representing our universal experience of dealing with modern technology, as well as being a fitting, wry expression of this past year.


Duration 12 November 2020 - 19 December 2020
Times Tuesday - Saturday: 11:00am - 6:00pm
Cost free
Venue Lisson Gallery (Cork Street)
Address 22 Cork Street, London, W1S 3NA
Contact 4402077242739 / /