David Mach: Alternative Facts

David Mach Dadiani Fine Art

An exhibition of contemporary biblical collages by the celebrated Scottish artist and former Turner Prize nominee, David Mach. The exhibition features Mach’s interpretation of the King James Bible and comprises 10 monumental works from the artist’s Precious Light series, for which he was awarded the Bank of Scotland Herald Angel Award in 2011.

Mach’s collages are both visceral and thought-provoking, portraying traditional stories and imagery from the bible ranging from childhood tales like ‘Jonah and the Whale,’ to overarching religious concepts like ‘heaven’ and ‘hell,’ and setting them against a modern-day backdrop, often with a healthy twist of irony.

The radical depictions reflect the title of the exhibition, Alternative Facts, in that they present a litany of semi-truths, an askew reconstruction of reality. In today’s political landscape, the hard line between truth and lies is increasingly blurred. In using the medium of collage, Mach is able to construct an alternative version of reality, just as politicians do with their words.

Duration 24 March 2017 - 24 April 2017
Times Monday – Friday 11am — 6pm
Cost Free
Venue Dadiani Fine Art
Address 30 Cork Street, London, W1S 3NG
Contact 0207 287 3717 / info@dadianifineart.com / www.dadianifineart.com