Humanity: Outside In National Open Exhibition

Humanity, Outside In National Exhibition, Christopher Catto

‘Humanity’ will be the sixth Outside In National Open exhibition and the first to tour venues across the UK. Showcasing artworks by 80 Outside In artists, the exhibition will highlight the vast variety and quality of works produced by artists facing barriers to the art world.

‘Humanity’ can be used to describe everyone on earth and how we function and live together in society. ‘Humanity’ can also refer to what makes us human and how people show (or don’t show) kindness to others.

The National Opens are a vital part of what Outside In does. These exhibitions highlight the vast variety and quality of works produced by artists facing barriers to the art world. They offer the opportunity for artists to be selected as award-winners by a panel of judges, the first prize being a solo show.

Exhibiting Artists:

Marzena Ablewska-Lech
Francesca Apicella
Sajida Asif
Jane Athron
Ian Barnes
Chris Bird
John Black
Greg Bromley
Christopher Catto
Alistair Clayton
Charmagne Coble
Lynn Cox
Jolene Dandelion
Alison Edward
Christian Emanuel
Sarah Fortes Mayer
Ben Goring
Helen Grundy
Annie Gutteridge
Sarah Harris
Marilyn Henderson
Gail Henderson
Barbara Hulme
Peter Jones
Klarissa Katz
Helen Kilby Nelson
Suzie Larke
Simon Le Boggit
Horace Lindezey
David Lorimer
Jessica Matilda
Samuel McGann
Naoibh McNamee
Kathryn Moores
Meg Mosley
Eirianedd Munro
Steve Murison
Kaya Nikita
Jonathan Oakes
Fran Orallo
Shiro S Parr
Gayatri Pasricha
Mark Pearson
The Phantomat
Michael Powell
Elaine Preece Stanley
David Puttick
Luc(e) Raesmith
Fiona Rintoul
Sara Rivers
Michelle Roberts
Louise Robertson
Kate Rolison
Sew N Sew
John Sheehy MacSheehy
Romy Shiner
George Shipley
Patricia Shrigley
Lorraine Stanley
Jessica Starns
“IRSTEV” Ivan Stevens
Phil Stewart Artivist
Mandi Stewart
Sara Ulfsparre
Sophie Valeix
Charlotte Wainwright
Anya Ward
Billy Weston
Xavier White
Straiph Wilson

Lead image: Christopher Catto, The Beach

Duration 09 January 2023 - 27 January 2023
Times Monday to Friday: 10am–4:30pm Saturday and Sunday: 12–5pm
Cost Free
Venue Sotheby's (London)
Address 34-35 New Bond Street, London, W1A 2AA
Contact 020 7293 5000 / /