I Really Miss You Until You’re Here

I Really Miss You until you're here White Conduit Projects

I Really Miss You Until You’re Here is a group exhibition which explores the ambiguities and tensions of this phrase and combines work by Emma Cousin, Laura Smith, Poppy Whatmore, Rebecca Byrne, Sally Kindberg, Sarah Pager and Tamami Mizutani. The title plays with the double meaning inherent in the

The title plays with the double meaning inherent in the phrase and suggests both the desire for someone/thing until the lack is fulfilled, or that the idea of another being missed as an ideal the real cannot fully satisfy. The artworks in the show express our precarious relationship with matter via a proxy or stand-in, at times using elements from the material world or anthropomorphising objects at hand. In some cases, domestic objects are used as tools to deconstruct the romantic ideal revitalising the mundane, discarded debris of everyday life. The familiar becomes unfamiliar so that conventions
are upended and the boundaries between public and private are blurred. The body itself is fragmented and distorted, referenced as a subjective vessel through which to deconstruct notions of gender and
sexuality. Each artwork subverts expectations. Often an outwardly calm surface hums with emotion and together the artworks launch an assault and offer up an expansive understanding of love and life.
The artists involve aspects from the material world: exquisite still life paintings, broken and reassembled objects, abstract compositions with surreal undertones and seemingly impossible castings are curated together to explore our relationship with the object itself. Each work aims to foster a flickering sensation at the edge of the viewer’s mind, an oddness that distracts the viewer from the obvious facets in the piece and opens the possibility of counter-narratives.

Duration 14 February 2017 - 12 March 2017
Times Wed/ Thu 11am – 7pm Fri 12pm – 5:30pm Sat 12pm – 6pm Sun 11am – 4pm
Cost Free
Venue White Conduit Projects
Address 1 White Conduit Street London N1 9EL , ,
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