Exhibition ImPerfectum is a thought-provoking collection of works exploring the idea and notion of unfinishedness, created in a variety of media, including painting, collage, film, sound, drawing, fabric work, sculpture and photography.

ImPerfectum offers a glimpse and some analysis that provides valuable insight into the making, thinking, meaning and critical reception of the unfinished, deferred or rejected objects of art.

Comprising 24 works from different periods and stages of their practice, artists have embraced the unresolved and open-ended. From the rusty sculptural ponderings of Almuth Tebbenhoff to Rebecca Scott’s abandoned canvas from mid 90s period, one is introduced and made familiar with trial and error of art-making.

Weathering and decay, rusting and patina, deterioration and fading are all present in the physical appearances of these abandoned pieces found in the studios or excavated from artists memories and their homes. What unites these works is that each of them displays some aspect of being unfinished, vulnerable, incomplete…

The strange beauty and attraction of rejected, unliked and forgotten is one that is hidden from our view. It is usually and often more adaptive to the dark corners of artists studios. How and where do we start with a piece of art and when do we stop? Why do artists destroy or abandon their works ? Is there such a thing as finished, perfect work of art…?

Some of the questions might be answered in this curios exhibition which also invites viewers to certain playfulness in general. The pretence must be dropped, innocence will prevail. Whilst some of the works appear even elegant others might coax beauty out of ugliness. Misshapen, cracked, error prone, timeworn, undone and raw these particular works have different narratives and stories behind them carried over a longer period of time. For some the time has literally stopped and will never restart, for others the possibility of continuum is real.

Magic of loss and rediscovery could be the defining essence of ImPerfectum but is more often then not an intriguing celebration of vulnerability, hesitation, accident, collection and reuse.

ImPerfectum is curated by Vanya Balogh and features 24 international artists of which 12 are members of The London Group.


Susan Haire, Mark Woods, Tisna Westerhof, Bob Lawson, Melissa Alley, Alexander Hinks, Toni Gallagher, Tommy Seaward, Marjorie Abela, Dermot O’Brien, Marisa Polin, Vanya Balogh, Suzan Swale, Clive Burton, Rebecca Scott, Darren Nisbett, Sarah Pager, Paul Tecklenberg, Cadi Froehlich, Pascal Rousson, Almuth Tebbenhoff, Mario Varas Sanchez, Carol Wyss, Steve Pettengell

Lead image: Vanya Balogh Blue Abstract

Duration 28 January 2020 - 04 February 2020
Times Daily 12 - 6pm - Private View 30.01.2020 6pm - 10pm
Cost Free
Venue The Cello Factory
Address 33-34 Cornwall Road, London, SE1 8TJ
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