Jonathan Baldock: Facecrime (suspect)

Jonathan Baldock, Stephen Friedman Gallery

Stephen Friedman Gallery presents a new installation ‘Facecrime (suspect)’ by British artist Jonathan Baldock in Gallery Two.

Originally commissioned for Art Basel Hong Kong 2020 before the fair’s cancellation, ‘Facecrime (suspect)’ is a monumental installation comprising precariously stacked ceramic columns. Evoking both ancient ruins and a surreal vision of the future, these hand-crafted forms reflect the artist’s interest in myth, folklore and narratives associated with ‘outsider’ practices. Baldock’s use of cobalt blue makes the work shimmer and glow with a spiritual, alchemical quality.

Protruding from the columns’ vibrantly glazed surfaces are casts from Baldock’s body: disembodied ears, beckoning fingers, and hands pushing and punching in mid-air. Shaped as if in the process of coming to life, the installation echoes the artist’s ongoing interest in making objects that are frequently activated by performances. Audible groans, whistles and chuckles stream through concealed speakers and accentuate the work’s exploration of types of communication that evade verbal articulation. The overall sense of physicality finds humorous counterweight in the application of clay tokens engraved with emoticons and pictorial representations of facial expressions.

Accompanying the installation is a solo exhibition of Andreas Eriksson’s tapestries in Gallery One and Yinka Shonibare CBE’s profound new sculpture ‘Justice For All’ in the Viewing Room.

Duration 01 July 2020 - 31 July 2020
Times Tuesday–Friday, 11am–5pm
Cost Free
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