Keith Coventry: City Racing

Keith Coventry, Pace London

Taking over two galleries in Pace’s Hanover Square space, Coventry brings together several of his most celebrated bodies of work, as well as a new series he has been ruminating on for nearly three decades. Titled after the renowned South London gallery Coventry co-led from 1988-1998, this presentation marks a significant moment in the artist’s career as he works towards the opening of his new gallery in a renovated church in Shropshire, UK, which is set to open in summer 2023 under the City Racing name.

Taking inspiration from the urban environment of contemporary London, Coventry’s practice is preoccupied with the gritty reality of city life. Working in a diverse array of mediums and subject matters, Coventry’s work sheds light on the often overlooked or unquestioned aspects of daily life. Through simultaneously witty and serious modernist visual language, Coventry dissects notions of capitalism, addiction, and social housing.

City Racing will also include a new body of wall-based bronze reliefs cast from rubbings Coventry made from vandalised buildings the day after the 1995 Brixton riots.

Also on show is Nathalie Du Pasquier Le Corbeau et Le Renard. Expanding the language of her paintings onto the walls and into the centre of the gallery space, Du Pasquier’s distinctive approach to art-making is immersive and deeply stimulating. At the core of the artist’s practice is an exploration of form, colour, and space through subversive and unexpected means.

Duration 28 April 2023 - 25 May 2023
Times Tuesday—Saturday, 10am—6pm
Cost Free
Venue Pace London
Address 5 Hanover Square, London, W1S 1HD
Contact 4402032067600 / /