Kiki Smith: Woodland

Kiki Smith Timothy Taylor

Kiki Smith’s practice addresses the physical, philosophical, social and spiritual aspects of human nature. Through everyday materials such as glass, ceramic, fabric and paper, Smith’s work examines the dichotomy between the psychological and physiological power of the body. Smith’s objects and drawings based on organs, cellular forms, and the human nervous system demonstrate her deep understanding of the body’s intimate functions and how she balances the global with the personal, exploring their symbiotic roles as object and subject.

In the early 1990’s, Smith’s practice evolved to incorporate animals, domestic objects, and narrative tropes from classical mythology and folk tales. Life, death, and resurrection are thematic signposts in many of Smith’s installations and sculptures. This subject matter is closely intertwined with Smith’s own experience of widespread and personal tragedies; such as the 1980’s AIDS crisis, and the loss of family members and friends. As a young girl, one of Smith’s first experiences with art was helping her father – American sculptor Tony Smith – make cardboard models for his geometric sculptures, and her early practice was greatly informed by other adults around her, including her aunt Graziella who taught her embroidery and other handicrafts. This formative education spurned a great interest in folk arts, which are still prominent in Smith’s work now, especially evident in her tapestries.

Duration 13 September 2018 - 27 October 2018
Times Tuesday to Friday 10am–6pm, Saturday 11am–5pm.
Cost Free
Venue Timothy Taylor
Address 15 Bolton Street, London, W1J 8BG
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