Max Hooper Schneider: Twilight At The Earth’s Crust

Max Hooper Schneider,Maureen Paley

A new exhibition by American artist Max Hooper Schneider. This will be his first solo exhibition in London, installed both at Maureen Paley and Studio M.

Hooper Schneider works within the realm of art and science and divides his studio time between Los Angeles, Santa Fe and Belgrade. He received his Landscape Architecture MA from Harvard University in 2011, whilst also holding degrees in Social Sciences from the University of Chicago, Zoology at the University of Hawaii, and Marine Biology from Santa Monica College. The simultaneous understanding of material technologies and biological systems continues to foreground his artistic practice.

In June 2023, he took part in the Schmidt Ocean Institute expedition titled The Underworld of Hydrothermal Vents. The project considered the role of underwater shafts to disperse larvae, fungi, and bacteria throughout the ocean to foster novel microcosmic communities. Six years prior, he also embarked on a maritime exploration which spanned the coral reefs of the Fukushima disaster reef in Japan. This research informs the sculptures within the forthcoming exhibition which occupies a total embeddedness within the nonhuman sphere, embracing the toxic and poisoned within his examination of the tragic results garnered by humanity’s interference with ecology.

Duration 27 October 2023 - 17 December 2023
Times Wednesday – Sunday, 11 am – 6 pm
Cost free
Venue Maureen Paley (Three Colts Lane)
Address 60 Three Colts Lane, London, E2 6GQ
Contact 4402077294112 / /