Mickalene Thomas: Beyond the Pleasure Principle

Mickalene Thomas,Levy Gorvy

On September 30, Lévy Gorvy will open Mickalene Thomas’ Beyond the Pleasure Principle in London, the second chapter of a multipart exhibition that will unfold across four international cities during fall 2021 to present interconnected bodies of new work, ranging from painting and collage to installation and video. Over the past 20 years, Thomas has cultivated a distinctive vocabulary of Black erotica, Black female sexuality, and Black queer aesthetic and thought within her multidisciplinary practice to producing and exhibiting her work. With the sequential premieres of Beyond the Pleasure Principle in the gallery’s locations in New York, London, Paris, and Hong Kong, Thomas sets out to formally, spatially, and philosophically draw attention to the central study of her art: the power and desirability of Black women, and their presence, imprint, and legacy in global avant-garde visual culture.

Alluding to a 1987 hit song by Janet Jackson and a 1920 landmark essay by Sigmund Freud, the title Beyond the Pleasure Principle signals Thomas’ personal, artistic, and political intentions while also acknowledging the intersection of influences and techniques that underlie her work.

Duration 30 September 2021 - 13 November 2021
Cost Free
Venue Levy Gorvy Dayan
Address Empress Club, 35 Dover Street, London, W1S 4NQ
Contact 4402036965910 / info@levygorvydayan.com / www.levygorvydayan.com/