Paul de Flers: Black Island

Paul de Flers,Almine Rech

Black Island is simultaneously a fable, and an invitation to undertake a journey. Paul de Flers transports us into a uchronia: a real space becomes a dream or fantasy setting, outside of time.

The island of Pico forms one of the edges of the triangle of the Azores archipelago. A volcano dominates the entire island with its solemn stature. Made of endless lava, the ground consists only of burnt stones, covering the western side of the island with a black crust and volcanic vegetation. Its shores have fashioned a multitude of myths and legends in the artist’s work.

Paul de Flers’ paintings convey a lost paradise, with a stormy, intoxicating atmosphere. By means of  merging colors and blurry edges, the scenes propose the viewer as  witnessing an intimate moment, through a window misted with memory.

— Milena Oldfield, Researcher & Editorial Coordinator at Almine Rech

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Duration 01 March 2023 - 06 April 2023
Times Tuesday — Saturday, from 10:00 to 18:00
Cost Free
Venue Almine Rech Gallery
Address Grosvenor Hill, Broadbent House, London, W1K 3JH
Contact 4402072873644 / /