EXHIBITING ARTISTS:  Timothy Gatenby, Alice Hall, Sabrina Rowan Hamilton, Harriet Hoult, Emma Johansen, Kate Lowe, Hannah Marshall,
Rita de Sa, Marc Standing
CURATOR: Ben Moore

As part of Re:Centre’s ‘Plei’ exhibition which opens Thursday 24th January, Art Below curator Ben Moore will sit inside a wooden box measuring 100cm x 100cm for one week as a piece of performance art called ‘Thinking Inside the Box’.

‘Plei’ is the second exhibition to be commissioned by ReCentre’s art initiative and will run for two weeks at Re:Centre’s 4000 square feet event space. The exhibition features the work of 9 London based artists who have embraced the concept of ‘play’ through their art as part of a three month residency.

Exhibiting artist Kate Lowe says: In a world that is saturated with technology, purposefulness, stress and responsibilities, people seldom make time for play.
Playing through art has allowed us to make, unmake and remake our world. Both play and art are generative and we hope that you will experience some of the power of PLEI as you encounter the work.

The artists’ practices are diverse; they make work across many media and channels including video, figurative painting, sound, collage, mixed media, abstract expression,
photography, drawing, fabric, sculpture and installation.  Each artist has made their own box which is all featured in the exhibition.

Reconnecting to their instinct to experiment, fool around, make mistakes, make a mess, become confused, feel awkward, be silly, be non-purposeful (on purpose), be self-directed and indulge in pretending has allowed all 9 artists to explore the role of play through art.

Ben Moore, father of two is scheduled to sit inside his box every day from 11am – 5pm for one week starting Monday 28th January where he plans to carry on work as usual on his laptop.  Talking about his installation he says: ‘Working as a a curator I spend most of my days infront of a screen writing email after email as I’m sure most people in London are doing.  Often I yearn to be playing, painting, creating alongside my fellow artists at Re:Centre, so I wanted to create a piece of work that demonstrates this feeling of exclusion and solitary existence, and ironically by existing inside the box may lie the key to thinking outside the box’

Duration 24 January 2019 - 05 February 2019
Times 11am - 5pm daily
Cost Free
Venue Re-Centre
Address Thames Wharf, Rainville Road, London W6 9HA, ,
Contact / info@artbelow.org.uk / http://recentre.co.uk/art/current-programme/

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