Sarah Lucas: Hurricane Doris

Sarah Lucas CFA Berlin

Contemporary Fine Arts Berlin presents Hurricane Doris by Sarah Lucas. The presentation will focus on new sculptures from her series of “Bunnies”. A video tour of the exhibition is available online.

As early as 1997, the first anthropomorphic figures were created for the installation “Bunny Gets Snookered”, formed from nylon stockings filled with cotton. Meandering in the perception between lascivious and lost, they sat on simple chairs, their long legs stretched out. Connected to these, instead of a torso and head, were the eponymous rabbit ears, alluding to the logo of an American men’s magazine, which stretched out over the back of the chair.

The new, equally surreal-looking figures, developed from these bunnies, appear in more self-confident, almost flirtatious poses. Based on the motif of the art-historical odalisque and at the same time mocking it, they loll on midcentury designer armchairs or on the floor. They have clearly shaped breasts and the rather reserved, fleshy tone of the earlier bunnies has given way to a colourful mix of colourful stockings and fashionable stilettos.

These soft sculptures made of cotton and silk tights, which are clearly endowed with female stereotypes, are mixed up by the hermaphroditic figure “DICK ‘EAD” cast in bronze with breasts and an erect giant penis, which seems to aggressively defend itself against any gender attribution.

See a video tour of the exhibition Here

Duration 12 December 2020 - 27 February 2021
Times online
Cost Free
Venue Contemporary Fine Arts
Address Grolmanstrasse 32/33, 10623 Berlin-Charlottenburg, Germany, ,
Contact +49 30 88777167 / /